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Oh man, I thought Tomato Clinic and two girls make a game were pretty good, but this has to be my favorite game from you! Cyrus was pretty cute, and I personally ship him and Yen (since I also like Letta/Vesper). Sooty did help whenever I got too tired clicking on the berries so that was a neat touch, and the plot was so nice, being simply presented yet dealing with an issue that is still relevant to this day.



a good game thats not a dating sim or an undertale fan-game

one second in the game and i already loved it-
my favorite was the art style, i like simpler artworks and this one pulled it off greatly.

the music is calming, and it's good. 

also, i'm not the type to ship anything but yen and cyrus are great together okay, just as friends it's already great=

uh, conclusion is that npckc is a great developer in general? i guess? i just love your games i don't know why

i really fell in love with this game! i launched it on a whim because i was bored and now i'm in tears

i love each and every character, and rutaboo made me cry (happy tears! heartwarming tears!) and i'm gonna hc a platonic? romantic? crush thing between cyrus and yen

yeah i'm really happy. thank you so much for the experience!!!!


this is just. so adorable. i adore our little gardener and watching him interact with the other characters made me feel so warm inside, with yen especially!! <3

Clickers and VNs are my favorite game genere/mechanics and he cliker/VN combination works super well to tell the story! It's charming and sweet! Each of the characters has there own distinctive characteristics, and it's a delight to play! I was very surprised by how well the clicker 'timeing' was balanced with the story triggers- you aren't clicking away for too long before you can trigger another conversation. I very much loved this little game!


The interactions between characters and coming to an understanding at the end, so sweet and great <3 I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the wholesomeness <3


this game.... was so cute, fun, and just amazing overall would 3000% recomend


i and acceptance are just so quietly woven through. i sniffled more than once, and yes i think Yen is the most adorable dork in the whole game, thank you


I myself found yen to be my favorite too. hes absolutely adorable! :D


Clicking berries was a bit boring but i liked the story :)


i loved this game.. i promise u i would love a sequal  


This was such a nice, sweet game!! I really loved seeing our gardener boy just learn and make friends... Thank you for creating this, it's so cute and calming!!


Hi! I absolutely love this game!!

The berry picking helped pace everything and it was really great  getting to know everyone. Thank you for this beautiful game, it warmed my heart <3

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I just finished playing this game, and wow it was such an absolute journey <3 I really like how the entire gameplay is so therapeutic. The script tackles issues like understanding and forgiveness without being preachy at all, you just infer it from the good-natured interactions between the hero and the monsters he meets. The pacing of the story parts and the clicker farming parts was also great, like sometimes I just enjoyed hanging out in the garden listening to the music and slowly accumulating berries before heading on with the rest of the story. (the only thing I'd suggest is to make it more obvious where to find the tab that gets Sooty to move between bushes!) I'm also really glad there were so many routes to go on, the game felt really fleshed out and I immersed myself in the story (and all the beautiful cut scenes!! Especially Era's I d i e d I love her so much)

 This has gotten a bit long, but the TLDR; is I felt so healed from the warm, unconventional story. :) Thank you for making it! 

thanks for this comment! i agree the sooty tab is a bit hard to find so i'll try to change that in an update. 

Is this game yuri? I did not finish it yet, but the main character is male so were is the yuri? I still think is interesting.


There are female characters in the game that are in a relationship, and this relationship is the reason for the game. 

Playing your games always puts a smile on my face! It's great to see that you're constantly improving in game design. The UI is really clean and well integrated, it's nice to see when devs stray away from the generic UI. It adds a lot of identity to the game and it's developer. (Whenever I see that text font I immeditely think of you and your games!) It's also nice to see you incorporating gameplay with narrative again and trying new gameplay elements with your games! I made a video but I left it kinda short so that others will hopefully play the game themselves. Keep up the great work as always! 

thank you for the video! i was trying something new with the ui so i'm glad you liked it (:

Your game is as great as always! The art is lovely and it was a unique way of telling Cyrus' story. I love Rutaboo, he reminds me of Papyrus. He's very cute. Era is my other favorite :)

F A N T A S T I C  W O R K,  H U M A N!

Thank you for making this game. It brought smiles to me. I love the message and theme of this game. :) My biggest takehome from this is that people might make mistakes, toxic mistakes even, but they can redeem themselves.

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Ahh I loved this, what an awesome concept!! Adorable, heartwarming and so well made <3 All of the characters were wonderful too (I loved Era, Doc Horns and Nell especially!) ! I feel so inspired after playing it, thank you so much ^^ 

I wasn't a big fan of the grind, but not a bad story


Amazing concept, amazing art, amazing story, amazing characters...

I was confused by the visual novel and clicker game mix at first;  however it worked really well. I loved everything about the game, and the ending(s) was satisfying even though the characters were interesting enough for me to want to know what might happen next. I love how well written all of the dialogue is. [idk if the names are spoilers] Y. is awkward, but none of his behavior is so strange that it doesn't make sense(I could kind of say the same for C. and E., but they are all awkward in very different ways). I fell in love with everyone. I usually dislike characters like R., but for some reason I feel like he was different, because I loved him (maybe he wasn't too obnoxious or extremely ridiculous with his behavior?). I could go on about each character, but I've already written quite a lot. I just want to say that the part with awkwardly cute hand holding was my favorite. 

One thing I didn't understand- You are prompted to continue harvesting each type of berry after you get all that you need. I don't understand this from a gameplay perspective, but the way it is presented in the story makes sense, so I'm not really upset about it.

Also, I love how you turned a very cliche story on its head and were able to do so in such an original way.

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re: berries, originally there was a final request list from the witch which required all the kinds of berries and would explain more about the witch and her motives, but that was scrapped for scope reasons and just the berry harvest prompts were left in the game since i felt story-wise the hero wouldn't want to just stop afterwards (:

thank you for playing! (i'm glad you liked r. and the awkward hand holding haha)

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Hello. So I downloaded this game and I enjoyed it! The art style is cute and simple! I didn't like that there was a lot of talking haha! Nice job npckc!


Norton claims that it detected a virus in game files but it's prabobly just a false positive.


this is a known issue for the engine (ren'py) and norton. it's a false positive, so no worries.

(norton is really not a great antivirus software because of ineffectivity like above & resource hogging, among other things.) 

This was hella cute...


Getting 100 scorchberries was M U R D E R,  but so worth it since I was able to see all the endings without replaying the whole game (I'm having that bug where I can't save Ren'Py games), That was so cute! I'd love to see continued adventures of these characters!

thank you for playing & i'm glad you enjoyed it!

is there something that can be done  game-wise regarding that bug? if there is a save issue, i'd love to try my best to fix it. 

As far as I can tell,  it affects almost every Ren'Py game I download through the Itch app.  Something about the permissions not being set properly because of translocation on Macs.

it looks like this may be the issue:

i think this might be able to be fixed if you play games without sandbox mode, but i wouldn't recommend that unless you are sure that a game is safe to use.

Gameplay video


I'm not usally a fan of clickers or visual novels. But, I found myself really enjoying this. Interesting premise, lovable characters (especially Era), and well-written dialouge really made this game a great experience. 10/10.