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holy crap this game is PEAK i just randomly found it and im happy asf thanks this game made my day

very noice

wait does the protag have a name? because she's really cool lol

Again a cute little game, thank you : )

I don’t know how to play this game

These two look like lilac and chime and its so cute

I love the art style for this game. You did an amazing job.

Really cute game, very creative. All of npckc's games are adorable and amazing! Keep up the good work, like you always do! :)

What a fun little experience that was! I really enjoyed the do nothing part, that was super creative!

Great Job!!!

Amazin' as Always!~

Cute game :> I got  a lil frustrated figuring out the right dialogue options for a while, and what to do after XD but it was in a fun way.

I liked the concept of the game, too , it was unique.

Cute short game!

This game is cute, and I like it, I even attempted to make a Chinese translation (that whole translation file is really cringy)

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Hey ! That was quite cute and fun ! Thank you !


wait how many endings are there

This game is so cute!! And omg the looping makes this game so curious! I couldn't stop playing until I unlocked every ending. And it was so worth it😤👌

I love the characters so much!! 🥺❤️

What a cute visual novel! I like how you used persistent data to make a time loop. Sometimes making friends is so hard!

I'd love to see more in this universe.


how to get past the Talking time loop!

choice 2, then choice 3, then choice 1

And when you are looped back again, don't choose any options until the text "you do nothing" appears. Just repeat that until it brings you to the ending.

This game is cute, but Jesus Christ the talking thing took me so long to pass. I hope this helps anyone who needs it!

thank you sm!!!

I love it so much


Everything this creator makes is awesome!



Looks really cool :D

Everything this creator makes is adorable and so fun to play. I absolutely adore their creations <3 


A cute little encounter between two magical girls! This game is awesome and it plays with the "gamey" aspects of these kinds of games. As always, NPCKC nocks it out of the park with a little, and interesting, cute adventure.

Come check me out if you read this far, I'm the Lost Chevalier, come and watch me voice act the little magical mascot, I had a lot of fun with it :P

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Saw this get played by manlybadasshero on YouTube .  Figured I'd download it and support the developer on account of him mentioning a previous game I watched him play by the same developer that I really like but forgot the name of. I never got around to buying the pet shop after Dark game so figured I'd chip in what I think both are worth. Keep up the good work and solid storytelling.


Loved The Game, The Way The Game Played And The Story Were Very Interesting.

Can You Please Tell What Programs Did U Use To Make This?

she used renpy


Thanks For Tellin


It's a nice game, but repeating over and over with the same end, and not knowing what to do made me upset. It was fun at first then the repeating made me tired.


I'll be honest... I didn't like the blue magical girl. Her plan was ridiculous and convoluted, her time loops were frustrating, and the whole fight-run-talk-do nothing thing was very, very annoying and super convoluted. She doesn't even say anything if you have the pink magical girl try to talk to her...


Nice game, you really need to do nothing.


Very cute game and interesting concept, it was a really good game!


I got bored and quit the game stuck in the time that she really does not need to go to...

I keep playing because it is kind of satisfying to lightning bolt the villain!

It would be simple if you could save your game, because she has 3 hearts and you have 4 moves and critical hits do a whole heart of damage; meaning killing her is numerically easy: 3 criticals kills her, 2 criticals and 2 hits kills her!

it would be nice if she responded to critical hits with OW!


I think you missed the point of the game


After retiring, magical girl npckc tries  to make the best time-loop visual novel (???)

Jokes aside, this plot of this game feels so... 「平均」??? I don't know to react to it since it's so bizarre. It's unique in that aspect (?)


it feels average? i mean yeah i agree

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Pretty funny and enjoyable game. Really reminds me of Madoka Magica. I made a letsplay. This game is fustrating in a good way! Although it did take me 30 minutes...

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Feelings that this game made me experience: Futile struggle against strong, ruthless, mysterious and puzzling enemy. You made that other magic girl surprisingly scary.


Pretty cute concept! Felt like this was a step up from a twist in Tavern from Tea, which I love as well! The dialogue was very charming and funny, especially between the main character and her (bee?) companion.
I made a video with my commentary and experiences. (And silly voices.) Keep up the great work! :) 

Wow nice new game! I like the magic and challenges too.

ahaha, so very cute and very, very clever! Give me big "Save the Date" vibes!

Here's a gameplay of the game I've made. Warning, contains the way to reach the ending.

I must say its a cute game to play.

Another really cute game! I love it!


I'm currently stuck on the loop just after the one where she resets time after she realizes that you know about the loop. Any hints? (It's the one where your guardian says to do nothing)


try doing nothing (:

Ah, thank you!!

That's what I did in the very first fight. XD

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