A PET SHOP AFTER DARK is out now!!

hello! A PET SHOP AFTER DARK is out now...

A PET SHOP AFTER DARK is a horror point-and-click visual novel where you've taken on an odd job at a little pet shop. the owner tells you the job is easy - all you have to do is water the plants, feed the pets, and stay the night. there's just one thing - do NOT, under any circumstances, turn off the lights.

it was made for summer slow jams august 2020: horror games & has slight horror themes. 

get the game here for windows / mac / linux: https://npckc.itch.io/a-pet-shop-after-dark


lightsoffgame-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 33 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 30, 2020
a-pet-shop-after-dark-osx.zip 28 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 30, 2020
a-pet-shop-after-dark-win.zip 29 MB
Version 1.0 Aug 30, 2020

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i don't have words to describe how much i liked this!!! the puzzles and the way we have to discover them is just amazing.

 great game, i love it!


Im playing this game as im writing this and I like it a lot so far
I cant figure out that code thingy though :(
but thats not the point
spoiler I guess?

is it supposed to have that many "an exception has occurred" errors?

if it is apart of the game then nice but I was just wondering because its a little hard for me to navigate with that popping up every action I do

but if its apart of the game too that fine I love all the games ive played by you


hm, that shouldn't be happening. can you make sure you have the game in a folder where you have read/write access? if you can send me the exact error @ https://npckc.site/#contact i would be able to make a guess at what the issue is

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I also had these errors pop up, usually at the “end”, at the point when the shop owner was saying that it was pointless, but also when the second girl was about to take care of the owner.

The error i get in the console, in the Linux version, is:

    Exception in thread Thread-4 (most likely raised during interpreter shutdown):

(There is nothing after the colon; the thread number is different every time).

The folder is writable, i can assure you, because i was able to move files around when need.

Other than that, i enjoyed the puzzles, the atmosphere, and, as always, your lovely art style.