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Fantastic game!
3 days in a row, but I won't be able to play for a while now, so here's my review:
Really relaxing, something to look forward to, neat Idea, good graphics, only thing that's REALLY annoying is the animations. The Fading part is fine, but please just make the outer view sync up with the closer view, because currently after the fade they are just gonna teleport.
But all in all a great game, good job!


This game is really calming.  I feel that your games have a very unique style too it on it being minimalistic and a sort character driven experience.  Meeting different people in a Ferris wheel with no windows and just 2 people sounds might actually be a reliable counselling method. Loved it and it was charming :D


What a charming little game! The "one-a-day" formula really benefited it; it turned what would have been a very short playthrough into a multiple week experience. I loved taking a few minutes out of days to sit down and relax for a bit, reading through other people's stories. 

I can't open it :(

What are on?


I hope it'll open again one day

it opens once per person every real life day


I enjoyed this game! All of your games seems to greatly comfort me in general^^ 


The ride looks like an onigiri when it opens