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As I queer (or LGBT+) person I normally turn to art which shows our struggles in very harsh ways, since I often cant relate to a fairy tale story, especially since the world is, still, very hostile to LGBT+ people.

This beautiful collection of heartwarming games manages to be extremely hopeful and comforting because it doesnt shy away from the hardships of our lives, but rather it totally revolves around them. The story of these three amazing women shows us that we dont need to live in a fairy tale to be happy, we only need friends (and maybe even lovers) to support us in our journey though life.

Thank you for making these games! 


thank you for playing! i'm glad you felt this trilogy was hopeful because that was my aim with it. i know the world sucks a lot but i want us to be able to at least sometimes find respite & to be able to hope that we might be able to create a space with those closest to us that we can be happy in.


I just finished the epilogue.  I'm AroAce and trans and I teared up during Haru and Manami's stories.


thank you for playing to the epilogue! i hope that you enjoyed the ending.


I did, a lot.  I'm going to have to make time to play your other games now!


First of all, I love this game so much! The art was so cute (Erika's v-shaped smile omg) and the theme of friendship and acceptance were someting I really enjoyed.

I played most of it yesterday night and then came back to it today to get all of Manami's endings and read the epilogue.  When I started playing I didn't expect to fall in love with all three of the characters the way I did in such a short period of time but here I am, writing this comment with tears in my eyes hahaha. Manami's story especially touched me because I'm also aroace and her relationship with Tatsuya and the way she talked about love was something I could relate to. 

Thanks for creating this game ^-^ I'm looking forward to your future projects!!


thank you for playing! i'm really happy that manami's story touched you since her story is very dear to me. 


Hi! I'm enjoying the game in Korean.(sorry to my poor English😥)I couldn't buy the bundle because I didn't have a way to pay for it, but I played all the spring trilogy in three hours as an Android version.

I joined because I really wanted to leave an impression of this great game!! It was so much fun because I was able to immerse myself deeply in the story while playing the game. I loved all the characters, and the illustrations and soundtracks of the game made me feel comfortable and happy.

I'm cisgender woman and also heterosexual, so maybe I can't fully understand people with different identities and directions from me. But through this game, I think I'll be able to get as close to queer as possible, even if it's not perfect.

It would be a great pleasure if many non-queers can understand queers through these games and to be able to accept them as members of society. Thank you so much for making a great game!!!


hi! thank you for making the effort to comment in english. (i'm sorry i don't understand korean!) i really appreciate it & i'm happy you enjoyed the games on android. 


i was able to get a community copy a few months back and was yet to write a review/comment on the game until now

I absolutely loved the games!! thank you so so much for making them ;;o;; besides myself, I know some people who are trans and my own partner is trans as well - I couldn't help but relate quite a bit to erika about her relationship with haru and how she tried her very best to make things safe and comfortable for haru aaaaaaa-- 

all I can say is: these games are a HUGE comfort for me and i hope others will feel the same as i do 💙👉👈 thank you once again for making this wonderful trilogy!! i am very much looking forward to seeing more games or stories with the girls once more!! :D i hope you have a day as lovely as you!! <3 


thank you for playing & for coming back to write a comment! i hope your day is lovely too. 


Thanks for making these games! I honestly don't think I've ever related to a character as much as Haru and her internal decision making process, and I cried a fair bit at just how familiar some of the scenarios she found herself in were. amazing, amazing, amazing games that I'm sure I'll find myself coming back to time and time again

tl;dr: im in this photo and i like it

thank you for playing them! i'm very glad you could relate to haru & i hope you enjoy the game again if you decide to come back to it.

Thank you for making these games! I just finished and I really appreciate the message in the Special Thanks. Hopefully the world continues to grow to be a better place for us all :)


thank you for playing these games! let's hope for a better world together.

Deleted 32 days ago

hey, thank you for playing. i hope you can find people around you in real life who can help you feel accepted too.

Has anyone else had trouble running the game? for some reason the game starts just fine but all the text is unreadable. there's just blurry lines where it should be. i downloaded the right version for my computer so it's not that. i have the game jam version of One Night, Hot Springs and that works so idk what's up.

(3 edits)

hi, would you be able to share info about the computer you're using to play (os, &c.) & links to screenshots through i haven't had any reports of this from anyone else & i'd like to fix the issue if i can. if any error is displayed, please share that in your message too if you don't mind.

edit: this issue has been fixed but i'm just going to note potential fixes here in case anybody else has issues!

1) check that graphic card drivers are up to date & update if necessary
2) boot the game while holding shift (or press shift+g in-game) & select a different graphics renderer
3) try toggling fullscreen by pressing "f" 

I played the Android version, and I loved this game, especially since the character is a transgender girl, just like me.

thank you for playing & i'm glad you loved it (:

Deleted 1 year ago

thanks for playing one night, hot springs as your first game! i'm honoured & i'm glad you enjoyed the epilogue too. i'm not currently looking for a korean translator but thank you for the offer. 

Aww, what a beautiful ending.  I played the first game on steam about a year ago and I'm so glad I got the trilogy.  Very sweet and wholesome!  Very much looking forward to any games you make in the future.

thank you for playing! i hope you will enjoy the other games i make too 


After having played all the stories separately (starting with 'Spring leaves no flowers') I was excited to see this compilation released.

It offers a wonderful opportunity to share the struggles in vulnerability of 3 friends presented in a non-judgmental, relatable and comforting way with a touch of light-hearted humour. The added epilogue is just icing on the cake and a well-deserved happy end for the characters. Absolutely loved every moment of it.

I am glad to support such touching and earnest work. I appreciate the effort that went into creating such an expressive, unique style both in graphics and music. Small touches in font selection and sound effects (button bops ^^) really add to the charming and cozy tone. Also loved the animated gallery and music player (the ringtones are fire and I think they suit each personality).

But there is more than just the art style - I believe games can test not only our minds and reflexes but also our capacity to relate and empathize with others, as clearly demonstrated here (I had similar experience with an old Flash visual novel 'Air Pressure').

Finally, if it's ok with you, I would be delighted if you shared your thoughts on motivation and production process (I am familiar with Ren'py and FL studio, but would like to get into jam culture).

Once again thank you for the time and effort you put in your work. Surely this becomes a ray of hope for so many individuals, who will find the representation and acceptance they so badly need. People like you remind me to be open about our environment and craft. Ultimately, I hope stories like these will inspire us to be true to ourselves and share what's best in us.


thank you for playing! spring leaves no flowers is the third in the trilogy so i'm glad you still enjoyed the game starting there. i've written a bit about my game dev process before as a devlog for one of my earlier games, magical witch bell: - hopefully this matches what you're looking for!


Actually, starting with third instalment created some eureka moments when going back to play previous games. Also, when I later replayed the trilogy in order I've caught some details I missed the first time through (e.g. where did Haru's necklace come from).

Concerning the postmortem - this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing. I see that the process is not always straightforward, but you have to keep on going. There is just one more thing that intrigues me - how do you choose which jams to participate in?

if the jam interests me and i have time, i join (: not too much thought put into it, honestly! 

Thanks for the game, I really Loved and cry with the perfect story i really want the poster now but i have a question why don't Have brazilian portuguese Language in google play we can play in portuguese

(1 edit)

thank you for playing. the game isn't fully translated in brazilian portuguese so it isn't available at this time.


Thank you for the games, they're all very adorable and informative, and the last game, Spring Leaves No Flowers made me realize I was aro/ace. :)


i'm happy that spring leaves no flowers helped you figure stuff out! thank you for playing. 

it's 1am and i am crying. thank you.


sorry to make you cry, but i hope you enjoyed the game.

Deleted 1 year ago

ah ok! i'm glad you liked it! ☺️

Such a heartwarming and emotional experience! This game collection is just so comforting and yet it doesn't slow down when it comes to its themes. It brings in such a great representation! I have nothing aside from endless positive comments about this.

thank you for this very kind comment 😊

Also, a suggestion I have is that I think the soundtrack should be put on spotify.

I Plan on buying this bundle soon to have this trilogy on all of my devices. But I just need to say how much I love the storytelling and characters. I relate to Haru the most because of her personality and how she acts towards Manami and Erika. I see some of my friends in the other characters but overall I think this game is amazing and I will continue to support the creator throughout the rest of their games.

i'm happy you enjoyed the story & the characters! there are no plans to put the soundtrack on spotify at this time.

unfortunately i cannot buy this bundle as i don't have any way to pay, but i played the three games individually and i love the way you showed each character !! personally i related to erika and haru the most. it was also very eyeopening, because in australia it's more accepted (which isn't saying much, honestly) to be trans (or non-binary, like myself) unlike in japan. also the graphics were adorable and it was just very pretty games overall !!!

thank you for playing! i'm glad you liked the graphics.

Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing such an honest and moving story. 

thank you for playing! 💐 

(1 edit)

As a person who is scarily similar to Haru, not ony personality wise, struggle wise but also my hair color and everything, this made me feel so much, i really loved the characters, the style and the story telling.

Thank you for making such a masterpiece.

Ps: If ur interested i can also help translate the game into dutch

thank you for playing the game & the offer to translate! however i don't have the budget for a dutch translation currently & am not looking for free translations. 

Thats fully understandable, i loved your game, im looking forward to seeing more in the future :D

ahh this series made me feel a lot of emotions <3 even if i am not a transgender person as haru, i identified so much with her anxious personality. seeing my social anxiety reflected in her character gives me a lot of comfort.

thanks for creating a year of springs!! and reminding me that the world can be kind too 

thank you for playing! i'm glad that haru could give you some comfort 💜

It's been quite an experience playing this series since the first jam when you submitted One Night, Hot Springs. I'm happy how far this series has come! Just wanted to say thank you for what you've done~ <3

thanks for being around since the beginning! <3

Played the jam versions at first but ended buying this trilogy.

Cute and creative art, heartwarming experience and got me on the shoes of a trans person.

Congratulations and thank you for making these games, looking forward your future works!

thank you for playing & buying! i hope you'll enjoy my future works too 💜

These VNs are special and I'm happy to revisit them and support the author. Looking forward to the new epilogue. 

Well-written characters and touching stories, I love the artwork and music too. Being a trans woman myself, I was happy to discover the first chapter through Steam a while ago. Haru made me feel less alien and I could relate to a character with similar struggles.


Holy shrimp that is awesome! 

(1 edit) (+1)

I loved the game simply amazing that three short games were much more impactful for me than anything I've followed for a long time, I loved your work all characters are extremely well done and at every part of the game I felt inside the story and as if each character there was real and someone close to me the relationship between each character is amazing and very developed and hopefully that one day a sequel is made even though the ending was already perfect for the game I just loved it all, I'm glad I got to know this game, I wish I could help by buying this game amazing although i can't hope that one day i can help the amazing person who made this game which was one of the best things i have had the experience to try, sorry if my english was not very good i'm not american and i can't speak english♥️♥️


thank you for playing! if you enjoyed the game but can't buy it right now, you can support the game by letting your friends know about it & buying a copy for a friend in the future if you can.


thank you so much for making these games and for the community copy, I'm a trans person from south america and I just wanted to let you know how much your work inspires me. I wish I had read/played stories like these when I was growing up and not knowing where I belonged. <3


thank you for playing & for the kind comment! (gosh i wish i had games like these when i was growing up too because then i wouldn't have taken so long to figure out who i was 😅)


These games had such a profound impact on me, when I saw they got released all together I had to buy them! I remember I had downloaded One Night, Hot Springs on Steam, and I was without internet so I was going through my library to play things I had been meaning to. And... I loved it so much. I went and bought all of them with the art books, and downloaded them through my pretty limited mobile data, I was that taken by them. I hope with this collection, it'll bring these wonderful, heartfelt stories to more people. <3


thank you for buying the trilogy & also using your limited mobile data to download the artbooks! i hope that you enjoyed them too 💜


I love these games so much😊They are so sweet and positive despite dealing with some very real issues that lgbt people face. Manami's story caught me off guard especially since ace people are often ignored by the rest of the LGBT community. Overall I think I'm in love with every npckc game. Probably the most lovely and thoughtful developer on


thank you for playing! manami's story is very dear to me so i'm glad it could reach you.

I love all three of the games! If I could I would so get a community copy to see the epilogue, but being a child and all I can't attach that non-existent PayPal or card to this account I made a minute ago so I can't even get the community copy. Sad times.

Other than that, all three games are absolutely amazing. Each one was able to make me cry on the first play, especially Spring Leaves No Flowers. Played it again recently since I've been questioning whether I myself an ace or aro, and Manami's experience really hits hard now c*:

if you are still a child, i would recommend asking an adult to help you with your purchase and also to confirm that the content is age-appropriate for you to view.

Can I just say that I regret not finding this game earlier!! Never have I ever relate much to a character in a visual novel before, much less her situation. All my life I thought I am the strange one out whenever my friends talk about their crushes or their bf/gf/partners, and I have nothing to contribute because I never felt physical and/or romantic attraction towards others before. Everyone tells me that I am just a late-bloomer or "you will know once you meet them", but I know deep down that its not it. I tried fitting in, but it just made me uncomfortable and more unsure of myself. Especially when my family and peers keep telling me that I'm not going to find a lifelong partner at the rate I'm going. Seeing Manami, her story and her friends validating her being (spoiler!) aro/ace really warms my heart. "It's okay, that's also normal" - these are just the words I've always wanted see/hear as an aro/ace, that what I am is normal too. And that even if we're aro/ace, we can find meaningful relationships too in friendships and platonic love. 

Oh wow I really rambled my life story there hahaha, anyways thanks for making this game! I'll be sure to recommend this out! 


thank you for playing the game & sharing your story! being aro/ace is completely valid & the way you want to live your life is of course completely valid too! you are not strange & i hope that your family & peers will come to understand that too.

i wanna say thanks for making this game! Its a new experience for me ....eventhough i feel guilty for not payying it....BTW recommended to those who loves story based lovers and thank you once more!

thank you for playing! 

The new epilogue gave me all kinds of squishy feelings. Happy to have purchased.

happy you enjoyed it!

These games mean a lot to me personally and I'm so glad they exist. I had to claim a community copy since I don't have the money rn but I've recommended this game before and have already told a bunch of friends that this collection is out now :D.
I plan to pay for the game asap, I know I don't need to, but I really wanna give back for the great personal meaning these games have for me

thank you! i hope you'll enjoy the games together in the trilogy with the new epilogue ♡


i had to claim a community copy bc things have been hard atm and i feel a little guilty so i just wanted to apologise and promise that someday when i'm able to i will make it up to you !!!

i also just wanted to say, thank you so much for this trilogy :) i am a trans person who has had struggles similar to all three of your main characters and it brings me such joy to play through such a warm and loving game in which queer people belong with each other. oh i won't ramble too much but i just want you to know that these games mean a lot to me and a little more queer representation in the world has made me so happy


hey, please don't feel guilty! the community copies are there for the community & you are a part of it (: i appreciate the comment though & i'd love it if you'd recommend the game to friends you think might enjoy it.


npckc, I want to thank you for making such beautiful games. I loved these when I played the jam versions, and I replayed them all just now to relive the wonderful stories.

I'm a trans woman, so One Night, Hot Springs hits closest to home for me. I've known I was a woman for a little over six years now, and it's easy to forget how far I've come and how lucky I've been. I live in the US and because of that I was even able to change my legal name and gender and get married--something not everyone, including Haru, has access to. I think there's a great value in her story both to cis people and trans people alike, because everyone has unique experiences and struggles in life and it's always good to expand your perspectives a bit. Haru's struggles may be different than mine, but what's important is that we all remember to do our best to understand and look out for each other. I think these games do an amazing job at expressing that message.

Okay I'm gonna shut up before I make myself cry haha. Thank you again for making these games!!!!! <3


thank you for this kind comment! also congrats on the legal name/gender change & marriage ♥ 


Vague spoilers for the epilogue in this comment
I just wanted to say thanks for making this game series. I last played them last year before the pandemic and it made me spiral a bit in my brain before I settled on being a guy. But playing them again, and seeing Haru's comment on trying out a skirt for the first time in epilogue, I feel like something has changed. So I told my sister about it and tomorrow we're gonna go thrifting for a skirt that I can twirl around in,and maybe, hopefully at least, I can figure out who I am really from that. So, thanks, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have had the confidence to talk to my sister enough to make a last minute trip to her. Hope you have a lovely day <3


hey! i just want to say whatever you decide, you are you & you are awesome. i hope your day with your sister goes well! 

Hi again! So my trip went really well, twirling in a skirt and a dress was had, but not the gender euphoria from them. But! I had a really important conversation with my sister about a very difficult problem that I've been dealing with alone for 9 years, and now we're going to be doing weekly check up calls! So I'm not really any closer to actually knowing who I am, but you know what? That's okay. I'm okay with that. So yeah, thanks again for this game as I probably wouldn't have visited her when I did, and if I did that, then I would have kept dealing with this problem longer on my own. So yeah, thanks, and I hope you have a lovely day <3


thank you for sharing this with me! i'm glad you have your sister to support you & i hope you have a lovely day too.


I loved this game! It was so good. BUT! BUT! BUT!!!!

I played all three games, found all the endings in all of them, read through the epilogue, and there are still two unlocked photos in the gallery! WHAT?!

Can anyone help me figure out what scenes I missed? Both gallery images are on the second page -- in the top right and the bottom middle. 

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


spoilers below, don't read if you don't want to see them! 


hint: try selecting a different spa activity idea while shopping (:

THANK YOU! :D I should have been able to figure that out from the other images nearby, now that I think about it. I'm glad I got them all though -- those were super cute! And thank you for a wonderful game.

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