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I'm continuing to play a few of your games I haven't. this is cute as always KC. : )

soooooo sweet

This was adorable and very moving. As someone in a long distance relationship, this resonated with me so much


I super love the usage of the two alternate endings and the variations that spawn as a result of the progression of the story. Really, we're all trying our best, and so... two people accepting each other's best, especially if it isn't perfect, is always just so freaking wonderful to me.

Also god I really never see stories about COVID that're ever really tasteful or thoughtful, so it's nice to see one!! Maybe I'll run into more in the future, but this one is excellent!! Thank you for making it!!!


I had a really great time with this. I'm always so impressed with the way your games balance tones. I've played a handful of Covid Games and this is the first one that's not largely a bummer? And I know that that's present and I appreciate that, but like, anxiety and melancholy go hand in hand with this idea that we can find comfort in each other, even when it's not curative, and that that's important. 

There's a degree to which life has to go on even in lockdown and even when things suck bad and I think this game captures the mundanity of pandemic life in small ways that a lot of other media that I've seen try to process this stuff doesn't quite get right, the good and the difficult. That's always been something I've felt was your strong suit and it's true here too. 

It's a lovely game, thank you as always for the work!


I really loved this, it was great how it metaphorically relates SO MUCH to the current experience so many people have with long distance relationships during lockdown. 

But it's also great wish fullfillment for how I wish we could all really go on magical imaginary walks to the beach together, or share the taste of food through the phone!

And then it was SO relateable how Marjoram's magic backfiring if she overuses it is a metaphor for anxiety from pushing yourself too hard to like.. act normal, and pretend you aren't stressed, when really its okay to be vunerable and the people who love you will understand.

I especially liked that there's two different endings but neither of them is a bad end. It's just "you pushed yourself too hard and had a panic attack, but get comforted and learn its okay to take a break when you need it" or "you realize you're beyond your limits before the panic attack happens, and take a break when you need it, and your girlfriend is proud of you" They both end on the same uplifting note! Even if you fail, it isn't the end of the world, and she won't stop loving you!

So yeah this was a super awesome heartwarming little game and I love it loads, and I'm cheering on these adorable characters and their adorable love!!

The only small suggestion I have is that maybe somewhere in the game it can say how many endings there are, so you know when youve got them all? I know it says on the itchio description that there are two but whoops I didn't read that before playing so I was wondering if I missed an ending. (Since theres no bad endings lol , I thought I missed it!)

i cant believe i found this the day it came out! if only i could buy it now too, it seems really cute!


Very sweet, even if you don't choose the white chocolate option :)