Caterpillar Committee out now!

Welcome to the Caterpillar Committee!

Caterpillars from all around the world come here to be painted in curious colours.

What incredible caterpillar art will you create with your fellow artists?

Caterpillar Committee is a tiny collaborative art-making toy. You are invited to paint one canvas out of five on a curious caterpillar. The other four canvases will be painted by other players.

Paint a caterpillar canvas and enjoy the beautiful caterpillar art created together by everyone playing Caterpillar Committee!

Support the Caterpillar Committee for $2 or more to get a printable supporter's member card.

NOTE: You need an internet connection to join the committee.


Visit the Caterpillar Committee here! →

Files 36 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 17, 2022 19 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 17, 2022
caterpillarcommittee-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 26 MB
Version 1.0 Jun 17, 2022
Printable Caterpillar Committee Member Card (3 colour variations).zip
Jun 20, 2022

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