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oh no. my heart. it's broken.


I jst have one question, why did he keep saying "I remeber" like did his family die or something but for the most part its an amazing gam


The style is minimalistic, yet beautiful, I like it.


I really liked this game a lot. the art style amplified the feeling of leaving everything behing. Thank you for making this game.


oh this was very sad? i dont know how i feel but it is really good!


The game perfectly captures the melancholy of leaving your past life behind and moving on.  I don't often appreciate games without gameplay, however this one was just right in every way.


Well-written and vaguely haunting... this was a really good game, I loved how the room transitions were done

really enjoyed this game here is my playthrough 


the mood was mysterious and kinda spooky! and it left me with a lot of questions. i enjoyed it!! 🤔