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This will really help me finish the tasks I don't want to do.

I've been using this for a couple of months now, since the Hot Springs stories brought me to kc's page.

I said I'd chip in $2 later.

Today, I rolled my second two.

I actually feel good about doing the things I've put off.


Scarily effective


The more I use it, the more I become convinced that this is one of the single greatest productivity system that has ever been devised. You are a GENIUS!!!!

This has been extremely helpful


i wanted to go to a procrastinators anonymous meeting but  when ever I call to find out when the next one was it was  always tomorrow.


I've heard of those meetings, but I never got around to calling...


I hear one of their famous sayings at their meeting is tomorrow is the rest of your life.


i heard if you went to the meeting room, there's a dusty sign saying 'meeting moved, sorry.' legend says it's been there for years...


This is amazing, I'm about to reach the height of laziness! >:D


Ironically (or maybe not) has helped me procrastinate significantly less! Great idea!


usare un dado de 20 caras


Task: choose the die among the collection


i'll download the game later, okay?


I'll play this game later


Perfect an excuse to procrastinate