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I loved both this and the first game with all my soul, I'm glad and thankful that you created them, I hope you'll someday make a continuation! ♥

I really love this game. It's very relaxing -the graphics, the music- I really hope I get to see more from you, or perhaps even this story!


I do wish Haru wouldn't have rejected Erika at the end, but I know it wasn't a definitive no I'd never love you and there's still a chance they could come together later.

I just love this game! Is short and simple but make a great diference in the heart of the player! Haru is so cute but fragile and erika represents most people just want make yours trans friends happy!  This series is now in my heart with your beutiful messange and lovely desing, and i want a sequence!

I love this game so much! exrcw928yhwqiv!!! Everyone needs Erika in their lives ♥

Nice story enjoyed it v much ^°^

<3 lovely game, thank you for this masterpiece


I started crying at the start of April 6th. Great story telling that got me to ugly cry. The gallery of 'Afterwards' scenes are a great touch. Thank you again npckc for a great game. <3


Hello! I'm a writer and the vid lead at GameLuster. I covered these games for our latest episode of Indie Power Hour. I absolutely loved them. The second one almost brought me to tears. Thank you for making these games. 


omg this wholesome, aughhh!! *flails* I love it, it's wonderful.  Thank you for writing these relationships and situations!

I love how you took what you had going in the first game and really made it into something even more wonderful in the second.  Arghhh I really want to meet these lovely people IRL now ahhhhh

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I love it, but please, my being needs it in Spanish ;w;

Oh my goodness the feels!!!

This game made me cry twice with just one playthrough #^-^;#

Very well written and I adore your art style

This was so cute and beautiful and I love the little "afterwards..." snippets you get for each ending in the gallery!! How much work and care you put into each game really shines through. Thanks npckc!!!


hi, this almost made me cry !! especially when erikagotharuhergiftyourekillingme. this game ??? fantastic. i love these pretty funky gals !!!


the first game was so lovely and the second one is even lovelier?? ur amazing these games make me feel so warm inside even when the characters are crying about the wrongness of things im happy that they can so openly be sad in front of others and openly say that it hurts its so nice


yes a sequel!!!

i adore this series, and i so appreciate that you took a step into the unknown making a continuation of their story!

Loved this very cute and relatable game <3 Very happy to see more of these characters.


it's so cute!!! loved it a lot <333


Beautiful game! It was very enjoyable and made me cry. Love to see well written LGBT games!


This is so good and vulnerable and cute, thank you.


Thanks for making this. Really enjoyed it


this game made me change my name


love it


i love this so much


This is perfect, nothing else to say.


I cryed really hard while playing it and it's great! I love how you use real life issues on your games and that makes them very relatable! Well done!


holy shit this was amazingly adorable and had me in happy tears at the end


CONGRATS ON RELEASING THIS!! i love to see you putting out amazing game after amazing game. it's so impressive how quickly you can put something like this together, when the content is so genuine and like. important!!!! i really love your games :)

i had never gone back and seen all of the endings for one night hot springs (i was so satisfied with the erika 2 end that i never got around to it!), so before playing this i made sure to see everything from the first game. it was a nice refresher, and even nicer to get to the new story right afterwards! your characters are so well-written, from haru's anxiety about causing any sort of trouble, manami's relationship with haru as a longtime friend who just can't be open with her, and erika's drive to make a fun thing happen for her friend(/crush!) AT ALL COSTS... it was all just really well done and i think will be relatable for a lot of people, and that's not even touching on the lgbt stuff! GREAT WORK!!

there's a lot more to be said but i won't leave spoilers in the comments on release day, hehe~ i hope you have a restful may <3 treat yourself to a spa day too, kc!