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what is cronolgy?


esse jogo é incrível! <3


I cried playing this game.  It's so well written and shows how even well-intended ignorance can be frustrating to everyone involved. 

Thanks so much! 


It's such a cute little game, and the story was beautiful! thank you for making it ^-^


Thank you for making this. Such a beautiful game.




that's really touching story i had tears in my eyes , very good sequel to one night hot spring :)


how do i get ending #5


I'm crying so much.


I have spent almost an hour stressing and debating  with myself what to say to Haru at a certain choice. i don't want to worry her, but i also don't want to lie and possibly disappoint her later. This should not be such a stressful game but I am way too invested. 


omg me


can anyone inform me about all the endings i couldnt find on internet and i dont know how to achieve all. great game btw love u npckc


havent touched this one yet, but i just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for one night, hot springs!! i played it on steam and it is one of the VERY FEW GAMES talking about trans girls such as myself in such a loving light. i really need more games/series like this and im so happy youre making these! thank you again, npckc!! <3


npckc i cannot thank you enough for existing, your content is like a cup of warm tea on a cold snowy day. even if some of the deeper lines hit like a gut punch. have a lovely day <3

(ps: i think i saw that your games are on switch now? congrats! i hope you've gotten more exposure as a creator as a result.)


Aww, that was so sweet, I actually cried at the end. As someone that doesn't have any trans friends or have met many trans people, this really helped me empathize more with how they must feel.  Such a cute, sweet story <3


Free, short visual novel which follows on from the events of 'one night, hot springs'. It gradually builds the protagonist's awareness of her trans friend's anxiety (and Japanese society's widespread transphobia) in a way that feels authentic, but may be a little slow-paced for some people. Still, a great choice if you're looking for a cute, relaxing visual novel with hopeful vibes and good representation of a trans woman and wlw affection. 3/5 stars - enjoyable.


just so you know, while it's cool you're going around reviewing inclusive games, giving non-5 star ratings on itch just makes it harder for small games to be stumbled upon (due to how the rating system works) and it actively makes things harder for the inclusive games you're reviewing.

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Thanks for the heads-up, that's really frustrating and useful to know. Do you have any links to sources where I can learn more about how that system works? I couldn't find anything useful, so I've emailed the itch team in the meantime.

(+9) here's a small thread about how ratings can affect more 'niche' creators. (for what it's worth, leaf from itchio chimes in on the thread about how ratings don't have much of an affect outside the top rated page and also mentions that he would like to revamp the rating/review system, but this is the system as it is now and when there are very few ratings already - which can easily be the case for games that aren't appealing to a larger audience - a lower rating can make it harder for these games to reach the people who might be looking for them, since they're already hard to find in the first place.)

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Thanks for the link - I read through it, but am struggling to follow your argument. Can you explain to me if I'm missing something? The OP claimed that the 'top rated' page was useful because people might use it to find an overview of games that might interest them, which may not be reflected in direct clicks to individual games from that page. Leaf then said that they also track impressions, which (if I understand it correctly) are people viewing the links on the 'top rated' page without actually clicking on them. Leaf noted that even with impressions being considered, there was not a significant impact on discoverability. Did I interpret that correctly?


sorry i honestly don't have the spoons to get into a longer discussion about this in the comments of my game page. that was a thread specific to but you can find tons of people talking about the issues with 5-star rating systems in general if you look it up. 

I absolutely love this series and have replayed it twice already, I am curious though, What font are you using?



hi, thank you for playing! if you're asking about the font i use in english, it's a font of my handwriting (i made it using calligraphr)

ohh ok thanks for letting me know :)


The game was amazing! I personally thought the ending on April 6th was extremely powerful and endearing. Thank you for making this game!


im sorry but I ship Haru and Erika together pls don't be mad aaaaa- anyways love the game!! <3


I'm really fond of the art direction ! <3

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The original game was good and really like the characters and story. it tells a great lgbtq+ story and interactions we have. this game was incredible especially the emotional ending. npckc does a great job keeping the discussion in trans rights and makes you feel for erika and haru relationship. the struggle for finding someone to love and to be loved is so so powerful in this game. love the series and haven't played the 3rd one yet but defiantly must play for anyone who likes really really great character development. keep up the great work npckc! will continue to support you and your games. 

spoilers: the moment erika got haru gift, my partner and i started crying. such great writing and music. 


Loved this game, as well as the previous one! Are you going to make a sequel? If so, I can't wait!

Also having friends like those three should be a basic human right, they're so sweet and caring :)


Loved this sequel and hope other games in this series will come out.  Was so anxious to see the last day, that *spoiler alert* 

when Haru rejects Erika I almost cry. Maybe in a next game they could be together?

the game made my partner and i cry at the end while playing it together. such a powerful story of friendship and love. 

OMG This is awesome

I'm interested in translating this to Turkish... Not sure if anyone would really need it, though.

hello, if you're interested in translating the game, please send a message @ 


I loved both this and the first game with all my soul, I'm glad and thankful that you created them, I hope you'll someday make a continuation! ♥


I really love this game. It's very relaxing -the graphics, the music- I really hope I get to see more from you, or perhaps even this story!


I do wish Haru wouldn't have rejected Erika at the end, but I know it wasn't a definitive no I'd never love you and there's still a chance they could come together later.


ending was sweet and heartbreaking...

I just love this game! Is short and simple but make a great diference in the heart of the player! Haru is so cute but fragile and erika represents most people just want make yours trans friends happy!  This series is now in my heart with your beutiful messange and lovely desing, and i want a sequence!

I love this game so much! exrcw928yhwqiv!!! Everyone needs Erika in their lives ♥

Nice story enjoyed it v much ^°^

<3 lovely game, thank you for this masterpiece


I started crying at the start of April 6th. Great story telling that got me to ugly cry. The gallery of 'Afterwards' scenes are a great touch. Thank you again npckc for a great game. <3


Hello! I'm a writer and the vid lead at GameLuster. I covered these games for our latest episode of Indie Power Hour. I absolutely loved them. The second one almost brought me to tears. Thank you for making these games. 


omg this wholesome, aughhh!! *flails* I love it, it's wonderful.  Thank you for writing these relationships and situations!

I love how you took what you had going in the first game and really made it into something even more wonderful in the second.  Arghhh I really want to meet these lovely people IRL now ahhhhh

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I love it, but please, my being needs it in Spanish ;w;


Oh my goodness the feels!!!

This game made me cry twice with just one playthrough #^-^;#

Very well written and I adore your art style


This was so cute and beautiful and I love the little "afterwards..." snippets you get for each ending in the gallery!! How much work and care you put into each game really shines through. Thanks npckc!!!


hi, this almost made me cry !! especially when erikagotharuhergiftyourekillingme. this game ??? fantastic. i love these pretty funky gals !!!


the first game was so lovely and the second one is even lovelier?? ur amazing these games make me feel so warm inside even when the characters are crying about the wrongness of things im happy that they can so openly be sad in front of others and openly say that it hurts its so nice


yes a sequel!!!


i adore this series, and i so appreciate that you took a step into the unknown making a continuation of their story!

Loved this very cute and relatable game <3 Very happy to see more of these characters.

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