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I want to see an Olive confession to Bell 

can someone help me I cant get it to download on my windows?

never mind it worked ! cute game 

That was so sweet and wholesome, definitely a nice game to play on Pride. Like Nep I'd like the beach to be rainbow all the time

Cute game! Liked the story, but got a bit slow for my tastes. :) Still enjoyed it.

HAAAAA! This game is so cute I'm getting teary!

This is such a cute little game! It was extremely wholesome and a pleasure to read through. I'm certainly looking forward to whatever you come up with next!


I really loved this game! Especially Bell and Olive!


I was thinking of using this as an example game for a middle school class I'm teaching that's using Ren'Py for game creation. This game seems like a great example but is there anything that would be inappropriate for a middle school audience? I want to make sure there wasn't some dialogue bit I overlooked.

all the language and themes should be appropriate for children, so please go ahead! 

This game is nice.

Simple and good artstyle and characters.

Very nice plot with cute ending. Plus few important choices.

It's a very good bit of fun to play this :)


Sooo cute! Made me wish I could experience a beach with rainbow sand! Was Bell intended to be read as autistic? As a queer autistic person myself, that's my headcanon.

I enjoyed this game a lot ;w;

Really cute game! I loved it. :)

I liked the beach part best.

Hope to see more of Bell, Olive and the others in the future! :)

Just finished my playthru and it was very cute and fun! Can't wait to see what you make next!

I thought this was a cute little mystery! The characters are so lovable and I really like the way you drew them! I'm not much of an artist so I can't pinpoint it in detail but their designs really pop out to me and I find that really appealing! As for the character's traits, I really enjoyed seeing Bell interact with a handful of different characters and actually learning about what kind of person she is through the dialouge. It's nice to see that respect of intelligence for the player/reader. My favorite interactions were probably with Jan and the Student, but regardless, all the characters are well crafted and enjoyable! Another thing I really enjoyed was the music. There was something really simple and appealing with the tracks. Even if they were short, they felt very appropriate for where they were played. Specifically, the Cafe theme sticks with me the most as I feel it fits well with Jan's character/personality. Anyway, I'm going a little long with this mini-review. I really enjoyed it!  It was nice to play this game on Halloween day. I'm not a big fan of scary games so a cute game about a witch and a small mystery was very appealing to me! I'm looking forward to what you make next!

Love the characters, are you thinking in making more games with them?

Daaang, that was SO. SO. SOOO CUTE !!!

I really enjoyed playing it, it was short but so nice and fluffy, and enjoyable to read. I liked the art too, it's simple and adorable. The choice of musics is nice too, it suits well the game and different atmospheres without being too much :D

My favourite moments were the beach part and the school one, they left me grinning like an happy idiot ! >u<

Good job with this, and thanks for this nice story C:


oh my goodness this game is so wonderful!! all of the characters were so cute and the story is so light and fun, i really enjoyed it! bell and olive are such a cute pair too <3 i love the style of this by the way ;o; the interface is very simple and appealing, and i especially loved the little illustrations of everyone in the end! ahh it was so sweet... thank you for making this wonderful little story <333