Marron's Day announced! Sequel to Marron Helps a Friend

hello! i've just announced Marron's Day, which will be a sequel to Marron Helps a Friend!

Marron's Day is a silly adventure game where you're a bunny! You love your friends but love carrots even more. Explore the town, run errands for your animal friends, and don't let anyone catch you swiping the carrots from the garden (again)!

it's being made in the newest version of gb studio & will be much longer than Marron Helps a Friend was. current plans are to release it in 2024!

the steam page has just been released so check it out, wishlist & share with your friends! (wishlists help indie devs a lot since it improves ~visibility~ in the ~algorithm~ if you'd wishlist it'd be highly appreciated 💖)

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I really like the original game and I am looking forward to the sequel.  I'm aro and enby and I love seeing representation, and I have fond memories of the original Gameboy.

However, I am disappointed that the Steam page says it will be Windows-only.  For the other games you've released on Steam, I bought them both on Itch and on Steam.  But if there is no Linux build for Marron's Day, then I will likely only get the Itch version and not buy it on Steam.  Either way, I look forward to playing it in some form.

it's set to windows only for now because I haven't been able to test on other platforms! (using a different engine than usual so I'm not sure it'll work) 

if it runs with no problem on Linux (which I would like to make possible) I will update the steam page

Yay!  Thanks, and I understand the need to test it first.

hey i just wanted to let you know i got linux working!!! (i am... still struggling with mac... we will see...) 

i'll have a linux build available on itch when the game launches, & you'll be able to test if you want with the steam demo which i'll be releasing on 1/29 with the linux emulator included 👀