mew's under the truck, out now

thoughts on gaming rumours of the past.

made for bitsy jam #77 BITSY FEST with the theme museum

game by npckc
engine: bitsy
patreon supporters: aconite, Adept7777, Alma Gold, Athena Antal, Beatrice Eichhorn, Bee, Blackberry Mochi, Goblin University, Jana Dunfield, Jennifer Renee Baulier, Krzesimir Samborski, Lilli, Lily W, May Miao, Nishioka Diddley, Rachel Stantz, slimehunter, Steven Hopkins, Wrengoku, zessou


mews_under_the_truck.bitsy 14 kB
Oct 12, 2023
mews_under_the_truck.html 285 kB
Oct 14, 2023

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