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I thought the goal for the final end was the lovely chocolates, but nope not that. I still need to figure it out.

I wasn't getting into the game at first, but I guess that's kind of the point, huh? Once I realized what was going on, I started enjoying it a lot more!

Also, I guess I lucked into getting the final ending on my first try, heh. It was a bloody cute game.

Hoping this will come to steam one day! <3

Getting the last ending is harder than any video game final boss in existence but only because the tag phase kept one-shotting me. SUPER GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!

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cool and cute game

Really cute game :) I've gotten all the endings, except the last one. I'm gonna try and get that one tommorow! Definetly worth the money 10/10

Cute and touching as always. I rarely replay any games, but here I made chocolates several tens of times o.o
I did not see how the tags relate to different characters, so I guess I'm not terribly clever, but in the end I managed to get all the endings, which is so satisfying ^^

I really like this game, it's so cute!!
I'm also really struggling to get the final ending but I'm trying my best!

sharing the same hint i gave below, but the tag you choose at the end is very important! as well, the hints you receive are specific to each category.

I'll do that method then, thanks.

let me know if you still have trouble & i can try to think of a bigger hint 👍

I tried my best but it didn't really work out... you don't have to give out a bigger hint though if you dont want to.

make sure you're listening to what mima & nina say at each step too!


This game is really fun and really cute. However, I'm having so much trouble getting that last ending! I'm not even sure how to use the hint it gives.

as a slight hint, the tag you choose at the end is very important!