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Smol but peaceful way to get myself to remember that tea is actually beneficial to me in the morning.  And this little microgame reminded me that it's ok to actually do something other than stare at the computer or my phone while the tea steeps. That helped a *lot*. 

You can also of course add other sorts of tea "times" and occaisons for yourself, like evening, bedtime, afternoon slog etc. 

I made my own recipe that I'm sharing here: 

  • Purpose: Awakening spirit 
  • Tea: Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder (actually an herbal roasted tea without caffeine)
  • Time: 4 mins
  • Adds: quarter tsp coffee powder, milk, cinnamon 
  • While tea steeps: Ground oneself with the Earth

Worked super well this morning for me. Mornings are extremely difficult for me for a variety of reasons, so little routines like this are incredibly helpful.

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i don't think i've ever had coffee powder together with cinnamon before but it sounds like a good idea! i'm going to save this to try on the weekend, thank you.

update: that was a really nice choice! i don't have the specific tea but i tried the recipe with rooibos & it was lovely.