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hynni the hyena ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

This is my hyena. There are other like them but this one is mine.

yes indeed (fancy tea sip)


and anyways i like you gayss hyena


im soo happy but i whish dere is a story abut dis hyena

and i wish i cude make a vidio with it do other then that its a pretty fine game  

As soon as I saw the title for the game, I giggled. When I went to the menu, I saw "batteries not included". I'm not sure where to put the batteries at. 

Also, my hyena is dressed in fine attire.

heres mine lol, this game is beatiful

a very distinguished gentleman





heres mine

heres mine!

cute game! uh how do i share my heyena?

you can post a screenshot in a comment if you want!


Your little grumpfy yenna is veary cute! 


Ok, it's too cute


:D love him


Aw snap 


this is speckleyeen the hyena queen

this game is ADORABLE but I want a hundred more options! most of all I want my yeen to be able to smile!

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So cute and fun! It's simple but I really like the decisions for the swappable parts.

Cool dude.


so cute


She is :)