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amazing, cute, short and wholesome

why am i crying, this is so cute and tew real

Really good game, it's have been writted grate!

Keep it up (=



its a great interactive story game thing

Cute frog, will there be a sequel? and will you put on steam? 

🐸❤️🐱 🐏❤️🍫 🐻❤️🪙 🐇❤️🍾


so cute!!!!!!

Sooooo cute!!!


space frog is so cool thank you

so so cute!! love the style and the story <3

I love the minimalism and simplicity of the game. And its also super cute!

Really cute game. I think it would be a fun little experience for my niece when she can learn to read on her own and understands what a choose-your-adventure story is (she's just started kindergarten). I like that there are a couple of different endings and things to explore, it gives the story a bit more depth and texture.

I literally CRIED when earth cat hugged space frog is it healthy

literally same

theyre so cuteee!!

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awwww that was so cute!! I loved earth cat lol 

super cute game, reminded me of a childrensbook /pos 

i love it!!

such a cute little game to play! very lovely<3 good job!

This is such a lovely little game, nice work!

This is an incredibly adorable game! I can definitely see this made into a full on illustrated story book <3

Very wholesome and cute <3

[I played this game during a livestream]

Cuteee story

I love Space Frog <3

Very lovely adventure!

Now this is the wholesome adventure I needed. Thank You.

this is so cute, i love it !!

Really fun, sweet game!

fantastic game! very cute and i enjoyed reading it!

wholesome af

Love it! Very cute <3

Super Cute!

very cute frog!!

I can't wait til I have kids to read this to every night, this was phenomenally adorable, well done.

Aww super wholesome little story, made my night! <3

oh that made me so happy <3 thank you little space frog!

I loved it, played it several times to get the different endings and sent it to people as well <3

Aww, how cute and sweet!

Me happy :D



best game. my mental health has been not so good lately and someone recommended this to me to help soothe my mind. i cried a little. 10/10

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