tiny wanderer out now!

explore the world through the eyes of a tiny wanderer.

take your tiny wanderer & meander through the places around you,  looking for views you haven't seen before. 


tiny wanderer is a solo photo adventure. to play, you need three things:

  • this game (with some assembly)
  • a six-sided die
  • a camera

travel with your tiny wanderer & capture their journey in photos.

take a journey with your own tiny wanderer today!


special thanks to Bee, Perrydotto, Alma Gold, jHomps, nice igloo, CandiesBag, Nicolas L., Phoebe Hanon, PyroJack, Natalie Aurora, oceansong, quakefultales, Lia Cooke, Jana Dunfield, Alan Hardman, Lily W, Mark W. Gabby-Li, Gerran Walker, Lily Craver, crabby Cuteness, May Nyan, Ai Yukino, Adept7777, Lilli, catsaveus, Nishioka Diddley, zessou, Steven Hopkins, Rachel Arjache & nappa! for their support!

tiny wanderers from twitter



tiny wanderer - one page.pdf 328 kB
Jun 18, 2021
tiny wanderer - box version.pdf 305 kB
Jun 18, 2021

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