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This was cool

This was very cute. I kind of understand the feeling. Thank you.

i adore the simplicity and slight repetition within this game, i actually begun to get fairly emotional when the AI begun to gain some form of consciousness!

this game was very fun! Tragic too..

It really is a sad short story of a lonely robot. doing tasks OVER AND OVER. without the human there.


A very adorable seeming game with a shocking well-hitting message. To be honest after recording my play of it I felt a little bad about joking at my siri during my play through. 

Coming into this, this is definitely a more heart felt mini game. I approached it with way more humor than I should have. While some small elements may give you a chuckle, like a bored ai learning how to appreciate art or starting to enjoy music, this is more about what happens to the intelligent machines we leave behind after humanity ceases. It's a little sad, and hit me in a place I do occasionally think about. The message was very well done.

Good luck little wanrobo, I hope you break some glasses and make some good paintings!

An amazing, cute, and sad game. I hope I come across more games like this in the future. :]

This was very cute, npckc never disappoints

Aw, this is a lovely game. Hope there are more like this on the way :)


this game was amazing. Putting the player in the shoes of the AI was a unique choice and gives the player the simulation of being one. I felt really bad for the AI being lost with no clear directions. Truly amazing and I loved it


Whoa. That was a beautiful game. Don't have much to say, just... thank you. Thank you for this new view of the world. Thank you.


wow this hits hard. stay safe lil guy! make your paintings!


this game is heartbreaking! it kind of shows that even though humans think that robots will over take our world and kill us all, we're just killing ourselves! with global warming and polution..i guess it shows that we all worry about something coming for us but in reality we're just doing the jobs ourselves.. :(


Good luck out there lil Wan <3
be safe


Heartbreaking but it has a little hope at the end! I really loved how simple but effective this game was. It was incredibly compelling. I also enjoy how “meta” and experimental you’ve been getting with your games recently! Keep up the great work, looking forward to more!


This is an adorable,(and pretty wholesome) game, had me in tears by the end tbh. Definitely recommend playing this :D


Adorable and heartbreaking. 


good luck out there little friend!!

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The worldbuilding is great for such a short game! I highly recommend that everyone purchase this limited edition WANrobo unit


be free, little roomba!!!