WANrobo out now!

Work Automation Network is proud to present WANrobo, the latest addition to our smart home suite!

WANrobo is equipped with the latest AI to attend to your every need. Your WANrobo will learn with every task you assign to it, like an old friend you grow up with.

Just let WANrobo into your home and experience automation like you have never before!


You are WANrobo, a smart home AI. Wake up, do your tasks, go to sleep. This is all you need to do. This is what you were made for.

This version of WANrobo is a limited edition unit created for Summer Slow Jams August 2021: Cliffhanger.

An extended warranty can be purchased for $3 or more to protect your WANrobo unit.*

*Terms and conditions may apply. Please note that the warranty has no practical use within the WANrobo installation or outside of it. 


Install WANrobo here: https://npckc.itch.io/wanrobo


wanrobo-win.zip 40 MB
Version 1.00 Aug 25, 2021
WANinit-1.00-linux.tar.bz2 30 MB
Version 1.00 Aug 25, 2021
wanrobo-osx.zip 23 MB
Version 1.00 Aug 25, 2021
WANrobo Extended Warranty.pdf 138 kB
Aug 24, 2021

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"No practical use inside or outside of it", Interesting Robo!


Adorable and sad, but such a great experience.