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so lovely :D

I really liked how after the little pixel dude comes back from work, there is a sense of relief and calm, especially that scene in the park where they look at flowers and buy chocolate. Such a simple yet poignant work simulator. 

average workday for a typical small pixel fella. wish i could be just like him </3


I love the play on a old Gameboy game but with a modern sense of humor. 

Nice little game! Although, after the first area it got really laggy. :(


Very atmospheric, short simulator of everyday cycles. Relaxing and nice.

me siento vacío :,l

So simple yet so cute!

I love how it's all pixely and cute! I like the pond and the cat in your house the most. <3

this game is so cute! kinda makes me want to get into pixel art, since i'm primarily a traditional artist keep up the great work <3

This was lovely (and maybe a bit sad <3)


Aw, going to the park made it super sweet!

love this :D


This is really sweet, I enjoyed going to the park after work.

amazing work. so bitter-sweet


i like this simply cause its super simple, but everyone goes through this. 

it just makes life seem so simple, but also a little mundane. 

makes me wanna do more with my life


thanks for playing! i think that life can be simple and a bit mundane but it's ok, if you can find little things to enjoy (: 

you do you!


like buy chocolate bars. :D

thanks for being so encouraging

Hi npckc,

I'm Marijn conducting research on the representation of work in indie video games for my graduation thesis. Could I contact you about this via mail?

Kind regards,


hi Marijn,

sure, feel free!

I've sent you a private message on Twittter.


bug: if you go to the "company" screen and go back, that way is "CLOSED"


hi, due to the nature of the editor, leaving the company screen even if the player hasn't actually entered the company/"gone to work" will result in the CLOSED sign appearing. since this is unfixable let's just say that the player spent time loitering outside the company until the company closed.

So simple with such a great style! I love it!

thank you so much! (completely unrelated but I love your art?!?! (*´ェ`*) such gorgeous backgrounds! )

Oh gosh, thank you so so so much! I'm surprised and so flattered to hear that~ <3


i did it i went to work