general quality of life update!

hello! this is a general quality of life update for A HERO AND A GARDEN.


  • baskets for each bush that you can click instead of clicking the individual berries - the baskets appear when 3 berries appear on the bush, so clicking the baskets instead of the berries works (less finger mashing!)
  • a collect all basket in the bottom right! (this is time-locked so you can't mash it but it's good for when you're leaving the game on in the background and come back once in a while to collect berries
  • general loc fixes like changing fonts, making sure line spacing works properly in all languages, &c.

i hope that this will make the game more comfortable to play for more people 💜

Files 53 MB
Version 1.13 Jul 19, 2020 36 MB
Version 1.13 Jul 17, 2020
gardengame-1.13-linux.tar.bz2 41 MB
Version 1.13 Jul 17, 2020

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I'm experiencing an issue usings saves from ver 1.0 versus in 1.12 for the QoL update (Windows version). When it returns to the berry harvesting screen I get a missing font error. I'm at the last repair so I was hoping to save my wrist...ahaha...

I made a pastebin of the traceback in case that helps:

i've updated a version 1.13 - could you try downloading it and see if it solves your problem? (sorry for the trouble!)

Looks like it's fixed! Thank you for being so responsive and for another lovely heartwarming game.

thank you for redownloading and sorry for the issue! (: