A HERO AND A GARDEN new version coming soon!

hi! i am going to be releasing a new & improved version of A HERO AND A GARDEN! i just launched the "coming soon" page on steam, so please check it out & add it to your wishlist! (wishlists on steam help more people find the game, so i'd appreciate it if you'd check out the page even if you'd prefer to get the new version on itch instead once it comes out.)

to give a bit of history, A HERO AND A GARDEN was originally made as a jam game for nanoreno 2019 three years ago!

i ported it to consoles in 2020 with a lot of changes (1080p graphics, general fixes/improvements to gameplay, added controller support, bonus content), but the jam version on this page has been mostly unchanged. i didn't like that the pc version didn't have these updates, so i've been working on making the pc version up to par with the console version. then i thought, maybe i can add even more stuff... so i have! 

the new version will have an all-new gameplay mode called ENDLESS MODE which lets you pick berries forever. i had a lot of people requesting this ever since i first released the game, since after you finish the game, you can't return to the garden. ENDLESS MODE also has various stuff for you to unlock with the berries.

i plan on releasing the new version in may as a separate game completely, but this page will stay up for posterity. for those of you who've donated to this version, the game in its jam form along with the game jam artbook should still be available for you to download.

i hope everyone - new & old players alike - will enjoy A HERO AND A GARDEN in its fully grown form once it's out!

you can also check out this spiffy new website i made for the new version: https://aheroandagarden.crd.co

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I am excited and I will purchase the new version on day 1!


thank you! (: hope you enjoy