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hello I found a silhouette of a man and a woman that have nothing to do with the style of the game but are still in the game files so I wanted to ask is it any use? or whose silhouettes are these?

The gameplay choices with this were fun and unique. Good game!

A really well done one of 'those' styles of game, without wanting to spoil it for anyone else. Lovely art style too!

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To get the game to work on Mac (I got error messages repeatedly during the game) it was not just enough to unzip it in the Downloads folder and then move the resulting folder. That *didn't* work. What *did* work was unzipping it in a new folder on my Desktop *and* then moving the file outside of the a-pet-shop-after-dark-osx  folder that appeared after unzipping.
Fun game after that! :) 


This is a really cool and lovely game! Horror themed without actually being genuinely scary, which is ideal for my delicate flower constitution. XD
I had no idea what to do with the card, so I deleted it in case that did anything. It didn't, and now it is gone. Ah well, My bad I guess! Thank you for the great game!


Unique! I like it a lot. Took me a few tries but the catchy premise hooked me strong!

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It's a very unique game, good job!! I enjoyed playing it! 

very nice game, it took me quite the time to understand how to progress but once I did I had a lot of fun^^


How can I reset the game? I delete the game a few months back after playing it and I want to replay it so i want to know if it's possible?


ok so like, how the fuck do i play this?


to give you a hint: look at your game's files

inhale ok

Important question: are any animals hurt or killed during this game? I don't mind horror themes but I have some anxiety issues revolving around animals being harmed, especially cats. 

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I just finished it and no worries, nothing happens to the animals^^

Thank you so much! I'm eager to play now :D

Update, I really enjoyed it! Now that I understand the premise, I get why, haha. This game has layers to it. Thank you for helping me out!

Ahh the game art is sooo cute and aesthetic. Love it! :3


This is one of the best games I've ever played! It took me forever to figure out, but it was so worth it!

super cool and well done integration of in-game exploration and breaking the 4th wall!


After the owner intentionally crashes the game, I can't play it on my mac without it crashing after almost every interaction I make (I can keep pressing ignore, but it gets old real quick).

Kept crashing after the 3rd night or so


it's supposed to

oh- Ohhh i diddnt know aaa


haha, it's okay. I was confused at first, too

Well thank you for telling me <3 


My wife and I played and I have to say very good job. Very creative and made me use my big brain lol. Liked it very much. Although I don't think we got all the different things in-game.

I'm sad that there's nothing to do but delete the light and progress, I wanna obey the hot goth owner but nothing changes after day 3

SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER AMAZING! The only other game I can think of where you mess with the files to affect what happens in the game is DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club), but even it's not really used to play the game and progress the story, other than when you delete Monika's character file. But that's it. Everything else to find some other secret content when you finish the game. I really hope you make more games like this. Breaking the 4th wall with the characters and deleting and moving the files is fun. Only I don't 100% get the story. I might just be a bit stupid tho lol

i was thinking the same thing!! (like with ddlc)


Oneshot was a game that did similar things as well. It's really fun and has great characters. You should try it sometime.

the puzzles (esp the deleting files one) are a concept that i havent experienced with playing these type of mystery games. anyhow, it's such a great game :D

Oh wow. We love playing all of your games but this might be the one that had our head scratching. WILD RIDE! We still don't understand it 100% but had us thinking for a while after we played it. Keep up the great work and always looking forward to anything you create. 

For people who are playing on a MAC, i don't know if the game will work. By that, i mean the ending. There's a process you need to do that was difficult to figure out.


such a creative concept! i've never played any horror game quiet like this, super unique and a bunch to discover, i really enjoyed this

Really love the game so far!!! Quick question that may be spoilery, so just gonna do a few linebreaks:

Hopefully this is far enough. In any case, uh, how do you progress once you get to the "goldfish" puzzle? I've tried moving the seed to the bowl, the hall, the back room... not entirely sure what i've gotta do unfortunately. Love the game, though!!!!!!!!

move the pet food into the fish bowl, that's what i did at least! Hope this helps!


hey how to del the save data

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this game was very well made i usually don't like horror stuff but this was a mix of a sad story, horror and puzzle solving also after getting the ending  open the game again and press the start button the start will be different

 then u will get a extra little thing to enjoy

overall this the perfect short horror game to play  i recommend playing with headphones










so if u keep pressing the start button and  keep coming to the pet shop u will get dark's calling card




(also if open the card in adobe reader it will allow u to interact with the black borders like if there is text there but then it will close itself like the game closes itself)

thx for reading

when i saw this i expected everything but the actual game, it was really fun and entertaining!!, i love this kind of "puzzles" and although it was a biiiiit difficult for me , in my opinion, its one of the best games in

Usually I end up seeking out these kinds of games myself, or know what will happen going I was certainly pleasantly surprised when I realized what was going on partway through ^^ especially since npckc's other games are so innocuous! Had a lot of fun c:

this game is so confusing but fun at the same time


the game keeps kicking me-


uh thats what is supposed to happen

an amazing game!! so fun and really interesting!

This is really cool! Also I like the color palette too since I like gothic styles


I really liked the game, but sadly cant finish it because the necessary files aren't there.

The 4th wall breaking of the owner is intriguing 

the usage of the game files is an underrated element which I loved seeing

the pet shop when the lights are off gives an eerie feeling which makes the entire atmosphere  amazing.

Amazing game and the creator has alot of potential. Im sad that I cant finish it but still loved what I experienced

what do you mean by the necessary game files aren't there? just wondering :)

i really enjoyed this game

This is the best game I have ever played in my life. It gave me a headache, but still


spoilero romsehitn gidk 

what if 3141 was how much they want in money before new fgame hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

when did 3141 show up?

This was a fantastic game!! Highly suggest, super fun and challenging (not too challenging tho)




I love this game so much, it's so clever. I'm still wondering about the calling card tho


I love this game so much! Thanks for the wonderful work! The interaction was unexpected and amazed me! I'll be checking out other npckc games!

I wonder if we could use the card in the future...

Oh and here's my full blind playthrough I did this afternoon for anyone interested:


Oh and if you want to reset go to:


There should be a folder named "lightsoffgame-1597471368" in the directory. Just delete or move the folder elsewhere and that should  do the trick!

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im sorry but im having trouble finding it, are you on apple because im not so im not 100% sure where it is


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