A TAVERN FOR TEA is coming to steam & getting an update!

hello! as the title says, A TAVERN FOR TEA is coming to steam!!! also, it's getting a new update!!

wishlist on steam here!

this game was originally made for a game jam and i'm expanding on it for the steam version as well as bringing the new update to itch (& android) too! that means the jam version will no longer be available at least on itch, though the android version will stay up.

the updated version will come out on march 24th with an unlockable in-game gallery plus an after-hours tea brewing session. there'll also be more translations!

i hope you'll enjoy A TAVERN FOR TEA in its new form!


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Looking forward to it!!! :D :D :D I love seeing how you update some game jam titles afterward!

i've been having quite a bit of fun going back to clean up jam entries so i highly recommend it if it's something you've been considering!