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 There is a tavern at the edge of the domain, right at the boundary between the demons and the humans. It doesn't serve any ale - only tea - but for some reason, travellers find themselves drawn towards its little wooden door...


A TAVERN FOR TEA is a fantasy tea-brewing simulator and visual novel. Play as the owner of a fantasy tavern and brew the tea that your customers didn't know they needed.

Play time is <1 hour. 

This was originally made for a game jam and has been expanded with new features and story plus more translations!



  • A heartwarming story about two customers and their missed connection
  • Fantasy tea brewing in a fantasy tavern
  • Cute art and a relaxing soundtrack
  • Unlockable in-game gallery and after-hours tea brewing!


The soundtrack is available on bandcamp!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

a-tavern-for-tea-win.zip 59 MB
Version 2.00
atavernfortea-2.00-linux.tar.bz2 47 MB
Version 2.00
a-tavern-for-tea-osx.zip 42 MB
Version 2.00

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I only played the demo release but aaaaaaaaaa.... this game is soo cute!1 i love it

Very nice take on a "figure out the ingredients" formula. The story felt touching and is well meshed with brewing mechanics and world building. I really appreciate that cutesy presentation actually portrays serious themes and maintains proper tone, which I think is the secret sauce and biggest advantage of npckc's games. There is some trial and error in the beginning, but overall it is a very neatly packaged little experience.

I didn't know what I expected at first, but I'm not disappointed

This game was super cute! I loved the plot and the overall vibe, it was really relaxing and sweet! Would definitely recommend if you're looking for something cute, low stakes, and with a couple of fun puzzles. 

I'm blind it took me 2 years to learn how to use my devices independently. I love gaming but often there's not any or many accessible games I can find and play. I found this game underneath the blind accessibility filter on itch.io was just wondering since it doesn't say anywhere if there's  accessibility options on the game after you download it? 100% OK if there's not but I just wanted to ask before downloading. Even if it's not accessible I'll look for a let's play of it on YouTube so I can experience it that way as well. The game sounds amazing and I definitely do want to play or experience it in some way. Please reply when you can. Thank You!

(1 edit) (+1)

hi, this game should be playable as there is alt text for the buttons in the game, but i think it might depend on how your device does text-to-speech as well. in-game if you press "v" it should use your device's tts voice to read text on the screen! let me add that to the page summary so it's more clear.

edit: i just double-checked & you can also select the self-voicing option from the accessibility menu in options. under the same menu, there are also image captions. if you turn these on, there will be added description text to supplement images that are shown on screen.



 Thank you so much! I really appreciate you replying and looking into that further for me. Also Thank you for adding that to the page summary to make it more clear for any other blind gamers as well. 


thank you for letting me know it wasn't in the summary! i'm going to add an explanation in the summary to my other games with the same features so it'll be clearer for other people too.

No problem! I'm happy that you're going to add it to your summaries cause it'll let other blind gamers know that they can play your games. 

A game that I love to just return to every so often, as I love making the tea and figuring out what's happening, high high rec!

Good game, I love it! It's a nice relaxing game to play. 

But helppp how do I add 3 Tangy berries to the brewer? It doesn't let me, no matter what I do.

Really cool little game! I must admit that at first, I didn't quite understand the concept of time loop but once I got the hang of it it was fun.
Oh and the art style is lovely!

it was great ! the art is very pretty 

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Amazing dialogue, beautiful art, great music, everything is just 10/10 for me. I'm particularly impressed at the game mechanics though; I really thought the game ended after the first night but turns out it's all kinda repeating in the same timeline! :) 

Obra de arte 10/10

Es  muy pero muy bueno la estetica esa fuente de letra ese... es hermoso es simplemente hermoso bastante climb ademas me encanta que tubiera bastantes idiomas me encanto pasarmelo eres el/la mejor <3 <3 <3 <3

I loved this game so much; I've played through almost every story line so far and it's so precious!! I love Coffee Talk and have been looking for something similar and this was so perfect!! I've already told friends to download it as well :)

i remember playing this and never crossed my mind that it's queer

Спасибо за поддержку русского языка! ^^

Thx for support russian language! ^^

Its so nice and cute I hehe i like that the MC is a time-travelling witch~ The story is just absolutely adorable and the art the so cute and simple yet it does the job! Everything has a nice aesthetic and I like the game hehe  


I first played this game on my phone more than a year ago, and I really liked it then, so when I saw that it was available here, I decided to revisit it, and it is just as good as I remember! Choosing to focus on what a hero and a villain are like when they are not "on duty" is what really makes this game stand out, at least in my opinion. It may seem simple, but it is really unique, as are all the games from npckc.

I loved this game, the characters were really cute but the one problem I had with it was that I couldn't get the final note. I unlocked all the others, even followed video playthroughs to see if I did anything wrong.  The game just won't let me input more than one tangy berry into the tea the second time I serve the adventurer. Sucks that I can't get the final ending, but overall very good game.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting this to run on my computer the screen goes black on the game after choosing the language am I doing something wrong?

hi, it shouldn't be doing that, but i also can't recreate this issue on my computer. could you let me know what platform you are playing on & if any error message occurs?


I’m on windows. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but maybe I did it wrong? I just choose English and the window it opens just stays black.

Cute small game, easy gameplay, and sweet story

the adventurer mentions slaying a dragon, maybe if you extend the game you could do something about that dragon...
maybe the princess and the dragon come in for tea :) that would be interesting but im not entirely sure how you'd get the dragon in the tavern...
maybe the dragon sends in a kobold to fetch the drink.

anyways , very nice little game.


There actually is another game with a princess! (Although just in theory that it's connected to atft) A hero and a garden, another game by NPCKC. This one is rather longer, and it's clicker!

I have looked and added it to my interested collection for later :)

I liked it! It was super fun.

heres how:
at some point (i dont remember well) serve the adventurer only tangy berry for all three slots


-Game Dialogue can feel unnecessary. You could combine lines to create less clicks and make it less exhaustive.
-When going through another loop, doing the dialogue and brewing tea again gets boring.  Maybe use a shortened version of the dialogue after a loop?

Cute Game. Liked the style and the message. It also really reminded me of Higurashi/Umineko Style Looping, especially when you used the word Witch!

Well you can speed past the repeated dialogue with the fast forward button, and each time the dialogue slightly changes to fit the scenario, so I guess that part is somewhat filled

I'll explain further: Waiting 40 seconds while already read dialogue flashes in front of your eyes isn't very interesting for players. By altering or shortening dialogue you offer players something new to make sure a player doesn't have to wait for new content. Waiting isn't considered to be fun in Games.


This was such a lovely little game!


I loved this game, really cute, seriously. Though it maybe took me a little more than it should have took me to get it right, but that's just cause I'm a little dumb


this game is too precious


I can't figure out how to get Horns alone.

Don't serve adventurer a second brew :)


this game is so wholesome

how do i get " Horns " ( which i seen someone use a nickname in  a hero and a garden )  to be alone

dont give the adventurer a second cup of tea and you can get horns alone


Wow! This game is so good, it's like a social puzzle! 


Its so cute <3 played it on mobile too!


obbsessed with all your games !! this is adorable :)


This game is so cute I love it and I love the background music it's so calming


I came here because I had an existential tea crisis and this helped



super cute, fun gameplay, and a nice storyline too :D definitely reccommend playing :>


eu amei com todo o meu coração. I love it <3

a foto do Yohan aaaaaaa


Great game! Really enjoyed the cute, short storyline and making the tea. Just fun all over.


I. Love. It

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