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Easy to use, very useful, and free. This generator is wonderful! Thank you very much.


Thank you so much for this generator :D (I'm terrible when it comes to CSS and HTML at the moment, but this is exactly what I needed!)

The game page I made using it, hehe (totally not advertising a little. Love your stuff!):

Thank you!!!

exactly what I needed!

I love your little generator tools, they're so helpful!

Deleted 2 years ago

I talk about this in the summary:

  • This button will not remember if you've pressed it before, so if you go to the unaltered link (without #cwseen at the end), the content warning button will appear again.

This is great! There's one tiny bug that's itch-app related in that when I close the content warning the docked bottom bar (which allows me to install games) will also be hidden. I don't suspect it would be too difficult to look into that? Ideally itch will one day also natively support something like this. Thanks for your hard work!


oh that's very interesting! i haven't used the itch app myself, so i'm going to look into why this is happening. thank you for letting me know! 

This is great!!! Now to turn on the custom CSS....


for turning on custom css, you can check out & then contact support from the link at the bottom! when i asked for custom css to be turned on, support were fairly quick in getting back to me.