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Ah I really like this app! :) Is there a way for the break timer to make a sound when it is finished? My breaks go on for too long because I don't notice haha. Thanks!

I have ADHD and sometimes it's easy to forget to do certain things that for neurotypicals is completely normal, like remembering to hydrate.

This project to me sounds like a great idea for ADHDers, really well done on it.

Anyone else having trouble installing on Linux (Debian)? Can't figure out which file it wants to run and how.


Hello, no problem here on Debian Buster,  just uncompress the tar.bz2, open the terminal in that directory and type  ./ :)

Thanks! All working now.


I love this! But any chance of it coming to android as well?

sorry, i currently don't have any plans to port to other platforms!

Oh, this looks so good! Does it run in the background?

hi, this app only runs in the foreground when the program is actively open.

Thank you so much for this app! It's relaxing and helpful with the reminders, the breaks and the to-do useful!

Really cool.

I would add a way to cancel the break timer just in case. :)


this has been added in the latest version (:

oh I love how simple this is. I get really stressed abt deadlines so this is a lifesaver!!


It's a synthetic, adaptable, comfortable little app. I think I'd like it on my phone, if I had an iPhone.


This is a very cute little app! It doesn't have a lot to it, but I don't think it really needs much. It's a very nice reminder to think of  important things: your feelings, things you should be doing, and taking breaks when needed. The graphics are very clean and minimalist. If I got on my computer more frequently I might make use of it.

I like this app but I'm getting an error message and can't open it. I deleted it and re downloaded and it worked for a little while and now the error is back. I'm on windows 10.

if you would share the error message, i can look into it. 

I fixed it by changing the save location when I downloaded a third time. Thank you for responding!


Cool but with limited use. I like it but since there are only set time limits like 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes for setting stuff like breaks I don't see myself using this.

A good idea might be to allow custom times with an input field.

Excellent app! My only criticism is that the to-do list resets every time I close the app, though weirdly the checks stay the same, so I have to rewrite it all every time I turn off my computer. Another friend mentioned not being able to mute the music while on a break, but that's more of a nitpick. Thank you!

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question, are you on the latest version (1,01) of the app?  that should fix the issue.


Thank you, I'll do that!

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Very cute and helpful. It was very simple and self explanatory. The only thing that I would suggest is in the "take a break" mode that the liquid inside the cup acts as a timer. Like it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear as time goes on. I was very confused because I assumed that would happen and then, aside from the text countdown, I had no idea what the time was.

hello, could you explain a bit more about what you mean by it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear?? i'm trying to figure it out so i can see if i can implement it, but my brain isn't working well.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear

oh, thank you for this image! i don't know if it's something i can do but i'm going to look into it.

Cool, thanks!


thank you for the idea! i've implemented it into the latest version.


very nice : 3 thanks ~


wow what is this? Will try and come back to comment.


hi...i always loved your games and made this account just so i can say thank you for your work they're really fun and cute!


It really help me with daily activity!
Thanks, npckc!


very cute