A downloadable self-care app for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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languages: english / 日本語



This is deskspace, a self-care app. It's designed to be simple with only a few functions.

Each object on the desk has a different use - play around with them and see how they can work for you.

The app has audio, but it can be muted using the menu in the top right.

Please enjoy the time you spend in deskspace.



  • Week-long mood log
  • Reminder timer
  • Daily task list
  • Break time for tea or coffee (or whatever helps you relax!)



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi

special thanks to cloverfirefly & nomnomnami!


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  • 2020/05/09 early access for patrons
  • 2020/05/12 release!
  • 2020/05/14 fixed saving the to-do list
  • 2020/05/18 added dial-style timer display for break timer
  • 2020/06/14 added button to cancel break timer
  • 2020/07/14 changed language menu
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(129 total ratings)
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
TagsBlack and White, breaktime, coffee, Mental Health, Relaxing, self-care, tea
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Patreon


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deskspace-win.zip 37 MB
Version 1.05
deskspace-linux.zip 26 MB
Version 1.05
deskspace-osx.zip 20 MB
Version 1.05

Development log


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amazing work!


awee i'm so happy that i'm able to know about this, it helps me :)


Very bare bones and minimal. I love using it, especially with the background music. Though I do wish I could set the timers for longer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

tysm for this !! :)

Really enjoy the app! The only feature I find myself missing is some way to sync the mood tree/to-do list between my work/home computers.

Hii, I tried downloading it for the first time! it went great but I clicked on the English option, it still came out as Korean. I tried re-downloading the game, it's still Korean. What do i do?

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this app isn't available in korean so i don't know how you managed that, but you should be able to change the language by pressing the house icon (⌂) > arrow icon (⇆).

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For some reason when I set a reminder it didn't remind me and went past the time and started showing negative numbers. When I cancelled the reminder and set it up again, it kept showing negative numbers until I shut it down and opened it up again..

thanks for letting me know! i'm going to see if i can recreate this bug. do you remember what time you set the reminder to originally?

I think 50 minutes.

i'm going to try to recreate this to see if i can fix it. thank you for letting me know!

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This is a really weird issue, but I recently got a Huion Kamvas 13, and whenever I start Deskspace it causes my drawing tablet to constantly disconnect and reconnect. The bug definitely is with the driver for the tablet, because it only happens with certain apps. I'm guessing it's a conflict in priority for software running the background? I've had varying degrees of success with running things as admin.

I don't expect any answers here, especially since the bug isn't from Deskspace itself. Just putting it out there in case anyone else might have answers!

hm, i'm going to take a look into this but unfortunately i don't know if i'll be able to fix it! if it isn't too much trouble, could you share the following info with me:

- computer os

- name & version of driver if you have it

- does the tablet only disconnect/reconnect when deskspace starts, or does it disconnect/reconnect constantly when deskspace is open? 

sorry for the trouble! 

Windows 10 with the most recent updates. Tablet driver is Driver_15.2.10.529. Tablet does it constantly while Deskspace is open. Sometimes it won't happen when it boots, but eventually, it just cycles through disconnecting until I close Deskspace. I've noticed similar behavior with Steam too, but it most consistently happens with Deskspace. Really unusual!


I love this but could you add a journal feature? I think that'd be helpful

I installed this on my ubuntu/icewm laptop and have it set to run when I log in. Really helpful for making sure I do a few basic tasks.

Thanks for this good app!

Hey ! I'm new to linux and Ubuntu (i'm kind of a noob too but i try aha). I was just wandering how did you set it to run at log ? For now I just open Itch app and then deskspace. Would be so cool if I could figure out how to run it easily. Just in case I let my discord : Tartine#5459
Thanks a lot in advance :) 

Dono if I use use the comment section properly, but i really wanted to say that I love the games of npckc so much, as a trans aro girl, your games touched me <3 (art and musics are so cool) 

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I'm using icewm specifically and I have downloaded directly from itch website, not the app so my method will not apply for you directly. However, your distribution will probably have some method of launching any program at login (~/.profile, gnome-session-properties gui settings menu, etc).

Download the program, make sure it is executable (run sudo chmod u+x on the deskspace.sh file) and follow whatever method you choose. Just be sure you provide a path to the file as it will not be in your $PATH and you can't just run it by typing "deskspace"

OMG thanks a lot, i managed to do that, not that easy but it's ok now. That's so cool aha

Thanks ! And have a nice day/night

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Deskspace is a mindfulness and self care tool which has proven incredibly useful to me since I spend the majority of my time producing video series much like the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality video series; the deskspace installment of which you can see right here.

Simple, well designed and a wonderfully clean UI make deskspace a joy to use


This would be perfect on my mobile, unfortunately I have to use all 3 of my monitors when working so unable to make use of this great app!


Ah I really like this app! :) Is there a way for the break timer to make a sound when it is finished? My breaks go on for too long because I don't notice haha. Thanks!

Anyone else having trouble installing on Linux (Debian)? Can't figure out which file it wants to run and how.


Hello, no problem here on Debian Buster,  just uncompress the tar.bz2, open the terminal in that directory and type  ./deskspace.sh :)

Thanks! All working now.


I love this! But any chance of it coming to android as well?

sorry, i currently don't have any plans to port to other platforms!

Oh, this looks so good! Does it run in the background?

hi, this app only runs in the foreground when the program is actively open.

Thank you so much for this app! It's relaxing and helpful with the reminders, the breaks and the to-do lists...so useful!

Really cool.

I would add a way to cancel the break timer just in case. :)


this has been added in the latest version (:

oh I love how simple this is. I get really stressed abt deadlines so this is a lifesaver!!


It's a synthetic, adaptable, comfortable little app. I think I'd like it on my phone, if I had an iPhone.


This is a very cute little app! It doesn't have a lot to it, but I don't think it really needs much. It's a very nice reminder to think of  important things: your feelings, things you should be doing, and taking breaks when needed. The graphics are very clean and minimalist. If I got on my computer more frequently I might make use of it.

I like this app but I'm getting an error message and can't open it. I deleted it and re downloaded and it worked for a little while and now the error is back. I'm on windows 10.

if you would share the error message, i can look into it. 

I fixed it by changing the save location when I downloaded a third time. Thank you for responding!


Cool but with limited use. I like it but since there are only set time limits like 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes for setting stuff like breaks I don't see myself using this.

A good idea might be to allow custom times with an input field.

Excellent app! My only criticism is that the to-do list resets every time I close the app, though weirdly the checks stay the same, so I have to rewrite it all every time I turn off my computer. Another friend mentioned not being able to mute the music while on a break, but that's more of a nitpick. Thank you!

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question, are you on the latest version (1,01) of the app?  that should fix the issue.


Thank you, I'll do that!

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Very cute and helpful. It was very simple and self explanatory. The only thing that I would suggest is in the "take a break" mode that the liquid inside the cup acts as a timer. Like it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear as time goes on. I was very confused because I assumed that would happen and then, aside from the text countdown, I had no idea what the time was.

hello, could you explain a bit more about what you mean by it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear?? i'm trying to figure it out so i can see if i can implement it, but my brain isn't working well.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear


oh, thank you for this image! i don't know if it's something i can do but i'm going to look into it.

Cool, thanks!


thank you for the idea! i've implemented it into the latest version.


very nice : 3 thanks ~


wow what is this? Will try and come back to comment.


hi...i always loved your games and made this account just so i can say thank you for your work they're really fun and cute!


It really help me with daily activity!
Thanks, npckc!


very cute