For when the heroes of your campaign want to take a break from adventuring and just have a cup of tea at the local cafe or tavern.

Optional: Look at the tea leaves for a bonus (+1~4) to a future ability check.


This generator can be used with any TTRPG campaign where you might want to let your players have some tea in between their adventuring. Add some fantasy flavour to your tea menu!

The browser version provided above automates the process, giving you 1 of 400 different possible tea names.

Support this generator for $2 or more for a printable version which uses 1d20 plus an optional 1d4 (or just a 1d2 coin if you prefer) for the tea leaves bonus.


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Calming, beautiful and very useful for story development ♥

This is cute! I like the animation when generating. :)

I didnt know this was for ttrpgs but this was a real neat generator. Its kind of nice finding out the different teas this generator creates. Amazing!


I didn't really need this since I'm not making a fantasy tea, but I gotta say, autumn nectar sounds pretty darn good.


nice font

(1 edit) (+2)

Every time I click, I get 4 tea leaves. Is it a bug or am I just very lucky?
I did more and got other numbers, I was just very lucky! :D


I've got like a dragon & bittersweet-nectar tea, each with just three leaves only (as first two tries).


Is it possible to get no tea leaves pointing up?

no, it's always 1-4 (it's a d4 die)


I used this for a restaurant's drink menu in a story of mine. Very helpful, thanks for this.


Really missed the opportunity to call it Fantas-tea here.



nice, very nice caesar-chan

one word, poggers!! i love this game!!


This is beautiful! I love it. The style, the theme, the results. It's a simple masterpiece!

one word. Calming!