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Congrats on being the 7th best rated Generator! Animation! And tea leaf reading!

that's so cute! and smart! thank you for such a nice game :)

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Cute game.Very interesting names, good for using in writing, sounds like nice , soothing names like Autumn Nectar. Thanks KC! Keep up your admired work!

Bittersweet Storm.

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I've always wanted to learn how to make simple generator games. How do you get it to randomly select in Twine?

i use the random function to set variables like so:

(set: $var1 to (random: 1, 20))

hope that helps!

This game is really interesting because the tea names are really creative. Plus some tea's sound pretty good and Autumn Brew and Autumn Nectar. Some tea's even sound so positive and magical! Like Dreamy Drop, Brisk Connection, Autumn Dragon and yeah! Adding on, this game is also great for story development. We might need some of these names for teas or something else :) Really great and inspiring game!

Npckc games are amazing <3

Thank you fo this!


Calming, beautiful and very useful for story development ♥


This is cute! I like the animation when generating. :)

I didnt know this was for ttrpgs but this was a real neat generator. Its kind of nice finding out the different teas this generator creates. Amazing!


I didn't really need this since I'm not making a fantasy tea, but I gotta say, autumn nectar sounds pretty darn good.


nice font

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Every time I click, I get 4 tea leaves. Is it a bug or am I just very lucky?
I did more and got other numbers, I was just very lucky! :D


I've got like a dragon & bittersweet-nectar tea, each with just three leaves only (as first two tries).


Is it possible to get no tea leaves pointing up?

no, it's always 1-4 (it's a d4 die)


I used this for a restaurant's drink menu in a story of mine. Very helpful, thanks for this.


Really missed the opportunity to call it Fantas-tea here.



nice, very nice caesar-chan



one word, poggers!! i love this game!!


This is beautiful! I love it. The style, the theme, the results. It's a simple masterpiece!

one word. Calming!