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Npckc games are amazing <3

Thank you fo this!


Calming, beautiful and very useful for story development ♥


This is cute! I like the animation when generating. :)

I didnt know this was for ttrpgs but this was a real neat generator. Its kind of nice finding out the different teas this generator creates. Amazing!


I didn't really need this since I'm not making a fantasy tea, but I gotta say, autumn nectar sounds pretty darn good.


nice font

(1 edit) (+4)

Every time I click, I get 4 tea leaves. Is it a bug or am I just very lucky?
I did more and got other numbers, I was just very lucky! :D


I've got like a dragon & bittersweet-nectar tea, each with just three leaves only (as first two tries).


Is it possible to get no tea leaves pointing up?

no, it's always 1-4 (it's a d4 die)


I used this for a restaurant's drink menu in a story of mine. Very helpful, thanks for this.


Really missed the opportunity to call it Fantas-tea here.



nice, very nice caesar-chan

one word, poggers!! i love this game!!


This is beautiful! I love it. The style, the theme, the results. It's a simple masterpiece!

one word. Calming!