welcome to ghostwriters & co.

welcome to ghostwriters & co. you're looking for a job, so you've come here. you're not much of a writer, but you ARE a ghost. hopefully they'll have some job you can do!


made in bipsi for the 5-Years-O-Bitsy jam with the theme "ghosts with jobs". thank you bitsy for being such a great engine to play around in!

my first game that i released on itch.io over four years ago now (!) was made in bitsy & i am super grateful for the engine for being so accessible & such a lovely place to share small stories. thank you bitsy! i'm excited to see what the next five years will bring 💜

(note: the music loops a bit oddly in chrome but it should work in firefox 🙇)



game by npckc
music by sdhizumi
patreon supporters: Amelia Rose, Bee, Perrydotto, Alma Gold, jHomps, CandiesBag, Phoebe Hanon, PyroJack, Natalie Aurora, oceansong, quakefultales, Jana Dunfield, Alan Hardman, Lily W, Gerran Walker, Lily Craver, May Nyan, Joel Forster, Adept7777 , Lilli, Silent Tremor, Evan Tysinger, catsaveus , Nishioka Diddley, zessou, Steven Hopkins, Rachel Arjache, nappa! 


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Oct 27, 2021

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