welcome to ghostwriters & co.
you're looking for a job, so you've come here.
you're not much of a writer, but you ARE a ghost.
hopefully they'll have some job you can do!


made in bipsi for the 5-Years-O-Bitsy jam with the theme "ghosts with jobs". thank you bitsy for being such a great engine to play around in!

(note: the music loops a bit oddly in chrome but it should work in firefox 🙇)

also, a hint... if you're having trouble with a certain part of the game, it might be worth taking a walk to another room for a break.



game by npckc
music by sdhizumi 


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts.

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Development log


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sorry i called ghost busters on you

love it

Very very good game and cute story


good gam i like :>

loved playing this!! super cute story and i loved all of the quirky text :> can't wait to see more from you!

Amazing game!! what a fun quirky premise!


Very fun! I love the graphics and the bizarre premise.

I know this may be a weird request, but could you possibly put this game up on Speedrun.com ? It's a super short and easy game and so runs of the game would not take long at all, but I think that's what would make it fun, to see who could save more milliseconds of time. It would be even better if you put all your games on Speedrun.com, maybe as one challenge, because then a run could be to complete all of the games as fast as possible.

the hardest part is, to catch the boss!!


how do you catch the boss


You dont, Just leave.

Very fun and cute game!


This game was adorable and a wonderful little adventure to celebrate Halloween. Can't wait to see what you make next. Keep it up! 


Cute game! The writing for the game was fun! It was a nice and small experience!


Yeah, I can eat all the candies I want!


except the last one :c 

Truly a good and fun scripting. Nice work! :)

Very cool!


is it possible to actually catch that one guy?
he literally runs past me :-/


You're supposed to try and leave the room during this sequence!

oh :O

I totally tried to catch him for a few rounds :-)


HAHA me too! I tried to juke him out by going the opposite way, I thought at some point he would stop at a point where he wasn't between a trophy and a wall and then I could catch him from the side. But no. You just have to leave.

Interesting concept.

Funny and charming!

Great text! This is just like being a real writer, except with more free candy.


besides a very annoying chiptune on a loop it was a fun little game that i did quite enjoy

this was so adorable :) it was the perfect sweet escape from life 

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I love the amount of dialogue this game has, the style is very cute, too. Good job, BOSS!

The candy was delicious

Very cute game! :D