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Lilac and Her Light shares a relateable and emotional story through the lens of a simple journey and a cute budding friendship. The tone reminds me of Lonely Wolf Treat and Starbot, and the emotional journey Lilac goes through to rediscover her light reminds me of my own struggles in life. Though a short game with very simple gameplay, the experience resonates with me even now. A very memorable game and one of my favorites.


Lovely story but the control however it feels stiff but nevertheless this game really taught me valuables lesson. nice job dev

I liked this a lot! A wonderful little story with great, simple aesthetics. The town part really got to me.


I absolutely LOVED this game. It reminded me kinda of "To The Moon" and how sweet and cute it was during some moments. I loved the pacing and the length, the colours and environment went really well.

And the music? HOLY..I thought it was amazing! Made me move my head to it. I loved the little hint that the two of them get together in the end. Really really adorable.

The story was amazing and I loved how it reminded me a bit of how depression can be too. Seeing grey and black, not wanting to leave the house, feeling down, and feeling like there's no need to try to really do anything.

Hit really close to home for sure. Thank you so much for making this game and I hope you make more like this too!

This was magical.. thank you.

This is a wonderful game... love it!

This game is cute and so wholesome it just warms you right up the plot was creative and the art was very nice and pretty too

Its  difficult to find story-rich games now that can leave a lasting impact, regardless of run time, and this 30minute game, this simple yet wholesome game managed to engrave a statement, I really do applaud the creators of this game.

Nice game!


this was really wholesome and the art was so pretty ! thank you for making this


It's a good, cheery game! Love it.


I played this game for my channel and I absolutely loved it! It is so cute and I love all the artwork and the two little characters. 

Such a cute game!It gave me so many warm feelings.I love it! :)


My playthrough, also if anyone is wondering if they should play this, you should it's really cute


10/10 for sure

I absolutely loved this game! The story was sweet and I loved the artwork :D


Aweee this was such a cute lil game! I liked it <3

Aaaah what a cute game! I recently got a controller, so I could play it on my phone, while I was on a trip. Finally a game on from you on Android, haha. Anyways, the story is, as always, cute and unique, the music is adorable and the characters are good! The graphics are simple, but they fit into the game.

The only problem I had is that the controls were a little weird, I sometimes got stuck in some places. (But I think that's just RPG Maker's fault.) Another thing that was a little weird, was that this is a submission to Yuri Game Jam, while the two characters weren't really doing anything romantic, and I just couldn't really feel anything more than friendship between them, until the last picture where is shows (spoiler(?)) how they hold hands.

A really cute short game, would recommend for relaxing!



sorry about the controls! rpg maker on android doesn't seem to have a good way to recognise "looking in this direction and tapping" right now. 

re: yuri jam, a lot of my games are about women who are gay but are also aromantic, or just hesitant to start romantic relationships, but that doesn't change the fact that they are gay (: 

Oh okay! Thanks for the reply. I hope to see more games from you!


This was so cute! The art and music really give this atmossphere of something you play on a Sunday morning wrapped up in a blanket, really relaxing. I was impressed how delicately the underlying themes are handled, you get a good sense of what the real life counterpart would be without being taken out of the story or things being too obvious. And that ending (!). Very enjoyable.


Played the game and loved it! It was a lot of fun and incredibly charming! (As all your games are!) I made a video with my gameplay and commentary. Seriously, your work keeps getting better and better. I thought the writing for this one was particularly strong! Keep up the fantastic work!