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languages: english / 한국어


ever since last autumn, everything that lilac touches loses its colour. one night, she wakes up and hears a knock on her door...


LILAC & HER LIGHT is the story of a girl who has stayed inside her house for a year, and the witch who knocks on her door to bring her back outside. 

in this game: stargazing, potion making (?), and cat chasing (??)! 

play time is ~30 minutes.

the game is free, but if you pay $3 or more, you can support me in my game-making adventures & also receive a digital art collection!



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi 
translation by KyleHeren (ko)

get the soundtrack here: 
LILAC & HER LIGHT original soundtrack


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

if you like my work and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee or check out my patreon


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lilacgame_android.apk 15 MB
lilac & her light - art collection 2 MB
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A very sweet game. The music was so soothing! Plus some truly cute art, and a cat chase! I'm soft uwu

-Made a Video.

"beautiful, i love it."

Would be nice if Mac developers would specify if their games are 32 bit or 64 bit. Just bought this game and didn't find out until after I paid for it that I can't play it because it's 32 bit. It's hard enough to find games for Mac anyway.

Really cute and simple! I like it!

cried at the end... and i love the lessons in the themes i could see.

a very sweet game i enjoyed as a halloween treat. thank you for sharing. <3


This was adorable, thank you <3

So cute <3

Glad everything worked out, the ending was so sweet~

I'm not crying, you're crying.... T_T what a beautiful game

So cute and calming, thank you for this

Very cute game!

hi! i'm trying to play this game on my mac but i keep on getting an error on the language selection page. i'm not sure if this is something from my computer or an in-game thing, so could you please help? thank you


this is usually an error that occurs because of where you have saved the app - the location seems to be read-only, so the game can't save. please try moving it to another location or checking the permissions of the specified file. 

If you're using macOS.

1. move the game file to desktop. 

2. game -> show package contents -> contents -> MacOS -> select the file

3. Open Terminal and type: chmod +x  <file>

4. Drag the selected file into the <file> location and hit enter. 

This will solve the issue. 


this is very cute and heart-warming! There is no sad scene in this game but i feel sad for no reason after finishing the game ;-;


very sweet ending :)


Is lilac and her light offline game?


mistook this for "her tears were my light" but im happy i ended up here

Mola, aunque le entiendo poco

hi, the game showed 'unknownError read-only file system..' after i choose the language and just stays there, i use Mac btw. 

please try extracting the game into a writable directory.

I enjoyed playing this game on my phone, it was really nice to play something calm and atmospheric during my lunch break. I especially appreciate the metaphor about the spell being equivalent to mental health, and have felt the same way Lilac has many times. 

it was such a nice game, but  unfortunately, it froze about 20 minutes in so I didn't finish it,, but the BGM is really calming and the game is so beautiful.

hi! if you don't mind, could you let me know the OS you're playing on & how the game froze? 

I use windows, and when she was done making the potion (the vegetables) and put on the clover, the whole game froze and didn't unfreeze, so I had to restart.

sorry for the trouble. i'm going to look into the issue & see if i can recreate it. 

its really no problem! the game was amazing either way !


Would you authorize me to translate your game into portuguese?



hi! while i really appreciate the offer, lilac & her light is made with rpg maker mv, and the engine currently does not support translations too well (the plugin i'm using only allows two languages) 

Hi! Ah, I understand. Thank you very much for your availability to answer me. It's a beautiful job. Congratulations on the project and I wish you success.

Thanks for the attention,


cant put food on table ;/

Lilac and Her Light shares a relateable and emotional story through the lens of a simple journey and a cute budding friendship. The tone reminds me of Lonely Wolf Treat and Starbot, and the emotional journey Lilac goes through to rediscover her light reminds me of my own struggles in life. Though a short game with very simple gameplay, the experience resonates with me even now. A very memorable game and one of my favorites.


Lovely story but the control however it feels stiff but nevertheless this game really taught me valuables lesson. nice job dev

I liked this a lot! A wonderful little story with great, simple aesthetics. The town part really got to me.


I absolutely LOVED this game. It reminded me kinda of "To The Moon" and how sweet and cute it was during some moments. I loved the pacing and the length, the colours and environment went really well.

And the music? HOLY..I thought it was amazing! Made me move my head to it. I loved the little hint that the two of them get together in the end. Really really adorable.

The story was amazing and I loved how it reminded me a bit of how depression can be too. Seeing grey and black, not wanting to leave the house, feeling down, and feeling like there's no need to try to really do anything.

Hit really close to home for sure. Thank you so much for making this game and I hope you make more like this too!

This was magical.. thank you.

This is a wonderful game... love it!

This game is cute and so wholesome it just warms you right up the plot was creative and the art was very nice and pretty too

Its  difficult to find story-rich games now that can leave a lasting impact, regardless of run time, and this 30minute game, this simple yet wholesome game managed to engrave a statement, I really do applaud the creators of this game.

Nice game!


this was really wholesome and the art was so pretty ! thank you for making this


It's a good, cheery game! Love it.


I played this game for my channel and I absolutely loved it! It is so cute and I love all the artwork and the two little characters. 

Such a cute game!It gave me so many warm feelings.I love it! :)


My playthrough, also if anyone is wondering if they should play this, you should it's really cute


10/10 for sure

I absolutely loved this game! The story was sweet and I loved the artwork :D

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