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<3 Thank you for this.

Letting go with the little boats was shockingly therapudic. My only gripe is i had a LOT to let go of,so i had to relaunch the game to get another boat

Small and sweet. I said good-bye to where I lived.

I desperately needed this to say goodbye to an old friend. Thank you.

This is just wonderful. Thank you.

Beautiful little experience

designs are cute

This is so cute. Thank you.

thank you


Today, I used your game to say goodbye to our rat Moritz. She passed away a few months ago, but I couldn't say goodbye until now. Thank you for making such a wonderful experience.

I did not know you could make things this cool with Renpy, great job !


i love the music and the simplicity of the ghost characters. it's so sad i had to say goodbye to my boat. p.s. it was the best boat ever!


I loved this game, this is beautiful and nice, I was able this year to say goodbye to depression, loneliness, and being straight.


well this is a nice experience. I like the idea and the design. Thank you! Now I know what Ill do next new years day. Folding a boat to let go...

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I'm honestly at a loss for what to do here. I've picked up the boat, twig, pebble, and leaf, and tried talkimg to NPCs and interacting with the objects I can interact with. I don't seem to be able to get past the cat and cross the bridge.

(edit) I got it, found the spot at the water where I needed to go. Still not sure about the cat or the 3 items that can be picked up. Took the acorn with me on the bus when I left. Beautiful little game. I'll play it again next year.

what game engine did you use?


this is made in renpy.

Aw this looks like such a cute game! Love the theme...those tiny little boats are lovely. Great concept! :)


This game has the kind and gentle feeling that npckc is so great at creating. 3 dollars well spent :)


A neat way to structure self-reflection. Thanks npckc and sdhizumi.