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Lol I got all the endings! It was a nice game and I love the art style :)

super sweet! i love trans people


aaa this is such a good game !  I love the graphics and characters but i just cant seem to get the bad ending ........  but still ,  i love this game a whole lot !

This game made me cry both tears of pain and tears of joy. npckc has made something wonderful. Thank you.


I just finished playing the game, and I really like it!
I mean... it's not about explosions or the end of the world. It's not about challenging enemies or outwitting your foes.
Instead, it's quiet. I'm very tempted to call it relaxing. But it's... relatable.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but the game is nice. The art style is charming, and the music fits perfectly as well. But the part I appreciate the most: Are the endings. (There might be spoilers for those who haven't played the game, so I'll try to be vague.)

Of course, good endings are enjoyment, and friends are cool, too.
Also, (as expected) the bad ending is sad as well. But, I was curious, and checked the gallery. And the pictures -- those are the coolest part of all.

It's a neat reminder: Haru might've found the events of the game terrible, and the day after might be as dreadful, but the future still exists.
So maybe, just maybe...

Tomorrow might be better after all.

Er... I'm not trying to say that the issues presented are simple, or that life is easy. But, I really like the game. So... thanks! And I hope you have a good day!

I got the good ending first try, i have a feeling its becuase I'm a trans male and i sorta relate to this. Anyways it was a really good game! :0

how does one get the good ending

i got it first try :0

Pick the dialogue options that keep all three of the hearts black, and then choose not to talk to Erika or Manami in the evening.


A bit of a stressful story, but the art was really cute and the second Erika ending was so heartwarming! I'll definitely play the next installments!


I remember a doujin series with a similar premise, though I forget the name
the art was way better...

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Not exactly a helpful comment. XD

Also come on the art in this game is charming as hell!


thank you for making this game! it resonated with me and i really enjoyed playing through it :-) i'll definitely be checking out the other games in the series!


I rarely ever see videogames with greek translations so I wanted to thank you! Now I can play something with my family :DDD

adorble and im lucky that i decided to download dis when i wasboard;-;

really cute n sweet <3

this is adorable :>


Thank you very much for this experience :)

I like how you didn't go for archetypal "bad people" but rather real people with good intentions that make mistakes.

I got the Erika End 2 by following what I would do/say are at least would like to

i thought it was so cute!! definitely going to be downloading and playing the other two. :)


this game is so sweet. i wish it was like this in real life

so cute , liked it a lot

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super cute, heartwarming little visual novel that takes place in a better world.  finished all three games in a couple of days, and will check out their others!

I remember playing One Night Hot Springs a few years ago, and I remember it being so sweet! I’m so excited to learn there are sequels!


okay so i have a stupid question- since theres both a pc version for the game and a phone version, are they any different? which device is better\more recommended to play the game with?


not a stupid question! they're both essentially the same, so please play on the device you prefer to play on. 

i see! thank you so much!! 

This game is so cute! It took some effort to get all the endings but I finally completed it!! 

thanks for making this i played it on steam and it was great



plz help me


it would be her because haru is a woman. 



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hey so i may have soos'd up my game...i downloaded it off steam hoping to play it...but i misclicked some bizarre language and i was wondering how to change it back to english...i tried uninstalling and re-installing but no luck...i even clicked "forget this was on my account" and re-installed it...but nothing happened...did i like...fuck it up forever...? help!


Download it here :)

Hi! If you are still struggeling with changing the language, I would suggest deleting your save file.

On Windows you can find your save file under: C:/user/Appdata/Roaming/RenPy

For macOS it is: ~/Library/RenPy/

i love that you said soos'd


This game was probably one of the most inspirational games I've played in my lifetime. It was so moving and beautifully put together! Not only is the message behind the game great, but other things such at characterization, character design, plot development, and the music were great as well! Thank you so much for making this deeply touching game!


this series, specifically this game, has inspired me to make my very own visual novel. i love this game so deeply... thank you so much for making it.


A lovely game, thank you!


BRUH WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE SUCH A CUTE GAME IM GONNA CRY- (but seriously, I loved all the issues you brought up and how you delt with them so well. Keep making games!! :)


Lovely game! It surely made me reflect more about transgender issues. I got Erika ending 2!


Love this game, can someone tell me how to get the "good" end?

Thank you for making this gem of a game. It is a concise story that tells so much with such few words. Simply wonderful! :)

This game was adorable, all of the art work was so cute and I loved the story! Very heart-warming 


I am a transgender woman who did dialect research in Japan. I had to mingle with locals in small villages. Many times they asked me to go together to local hot springs, and I had to refuse with bad excuses.

It was powerful, moving and a bit uncanny playing a game about that experience. I am deeply grateful & recommend your work to everybody I know. I love how sensitive and cute it is. Thank you.


that sounds difficult, you are very inspiring to get through all that. :)


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 3: Visual Novels

I really enjoyed it, it was heartwarming and educational with cute art&music. I can't wait to play the rest of the series.


Thank you for making this game! It was great playing this lovely story. The characters felt so real and genuine. The dialogue was well written and story was special and unique. My partner and I learned a lot about Japanese culture and LGBTQ rights in japan. I highly recommend this game for anyone invested in character development and to play the rest of the games in the series. Like many people in the comments, i wished more people are as understanding as the people in the game.

Makes you wish that all real-life people were this understanding


Thank you


i was so surprised to see greek because ALL the games are in english and not that thats bad but it's nice to play a game in your native language at times

btw dope game

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