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this game discusses issues that a transgender woman in japan might face, which is a topic that can be sensitive and personal.
NOTE: this is a jam version of a game that is being left up for posterity. the full trilogy can be found in A YEAR OF SPRINGS.


languages: english / 日本語 / deutsch / ελληνικά / español (españa) / español  (latino) / français / bahasa indonesia / português /  한국어 / polski / русский / tiếng việt / 繁體中文 /  简体中文


one night, hot springs


haru is invited by her old friend manami to spend a night at the hot springs. all haru wants to do is enjoy the hot springs like everyone else, but she doesn't want to cause any trouble...

ONE NIGHT, HOT SPRINGS is a visual novel. play as haru, a young transgender woman, and join her at the hot springs in japan. 

play time is ~30 minutes with seven endings total.

for $3 or more, you can support me in my game-making adventures & also receive a little digital art collection!


content warning: this game discusses issues that a transgender woman in japan might face, which is a topic that can be sensitive and personal. also, please keep in mind that this takes place in japan with japanese characters.



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi & npckc 
se by pocket sound
special thanks to maxine


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Version 1.52
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Version 1.52
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this was just beautiful in every way, i've never had a video game make me cry before but I'm happy to say this game made me happy cry :) i've never played a game that made me feel okay to be who i am before. thank you for making this wonderful game

I played this game on Steam and I love it! The first VN I loved from beginning to end.

very cute game with great story

game absolutely resonates to me in a way i didnt think was possible, thank you for making this, really hit me in the feels :)

I just played this game. I'm a closeted, young (16 yo) trans girl and the way Haru thinks is the same as mine.

I loved this, thank you

I just played this game as I begin my journey to transition, and I don't think I could have picked a better time. It really resonated with me... during such a scary process, it's good to have the reminder that people can be kind.

art is so cute and the "world can be kind" ending is so sweet 🥹 the hearts mechanic is really cool too and i think very fitting for haru's character! i honestly related to that aspect of her. it made me cry when she had that hot springs talk with erika; even if the art isn't hyper-realistic, it felt so real.

i think this game really showed a right amount of both good and not-the-most-pleasant results from having courage not to hold yourself back, because both are inevitable but the good ones make it the most worthwhile <33 thank you for this game and i will def be getting the full version soon!!

this was literally one of the sweetest games ever,, :( my first ending was "the world can be kind" ending, and i also managed to get the upgraded room the first time playing, so finding out about the pink lady's sister,,, that really was the most conclusive and beautiful ending that i could've gotten for a first playthrough so i'm so happy with my choices. 

that being said, all of the other endings are very sweet too because you can tell how kind and understanding haru's friends are.  i think one of my favorite parts about it was the heart to heart that erika and haru had in the hot springs, and the gallery message that came with it, it sounds like they've come to be very comfortable with each other HAHA. i also really loved the message of the "honesty is a gift" ending because it's very true, communication is key in all healthy relationships!! one of the most wholesome vns i've ever played, and one that lots of people should play, no matter where they lie in the gender spectrum.

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Really cool game. The mood is very fitting and as a trans woman myself I could very much relate to the main character. Would absolutely recommend!

I remember playing this game when I was around 10. At the time, I didn't really understand what was happening, only that this girl was nervous because other people wouldn't want her in their hot-springs. I am now a 15 year old trans dude who recently came back to play this game. It still holds up so well. This is an emotional ride of nostalgia and trans pride for me, and I love every moment of it.

great game overall, i think it was really deep and an emotional journey. i played through to unlock all of the possible endings. the normal and bad ending were really sad and this game really opened my eyes to better understand the struggles trans people face. the good endings were really heartwarming. i especially liked getting to enjoy the womens hot spring with erika and it was super sweet how she helps our character out with getting out of having to spend time with manami's boyfriend. i think it was really nice how the spa staff was understanding and went out of their way to make sure their trans guest felt comfortable and had a good time. i liked that there were many different endings and i also loved the art style and music.

This was a really nice and heartfelt game. I got Erica Ending 2 on my first try and I liked how lowkey and real it felt. Then trying to hunt other endings was a wave of emotions. The route to the Good End was a bit unexpected, but I'm glad I found it. 

I almost cried while playing this (Haru x Manami)

i played this game a while back and didn't right anything but man was it cute

as a silly girl, this game made me cry. 10/10

as a very closeted transmasc enby, getting the hopeful ending first gave me a lot of hope :]

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As a trangender male I really enjoyed this game even in i'm female to male instead of male to female this game still made me cry happy tears. Thank you! <3

I also really related to the troubles Haru explains she has and had :)

Somehow such a scenario never came to mind. Thanks for enlightening me with this well thought out story! It was a bit unintuitive to find some endings, but I trial and errored them.

im ship erika and haru <3

she just like me for real!

All joking aside, I approve of this short visual novel as an accurate portrayal of our struggles. I have trouble playing VNs because I get nervous whenever I have to make hard choices, but the three times I've played one through to the end, I haven't regretted it at all!

I'm seriously wondering why the game isn't more popular

This game is really great,I really appreciate the dialogue it's really nice 👍

I first played this game a few years ago when I still believed I was a man. At the time I remember thinking "this game is so cute, but what are these strange emotions it's making me feel?" Now that I'm trying to accept myself as transgender I decided to play this game again. It had me in tears multiple times, both from relating to how Haru feels and from joy seeing the other characters accepting her. Thank you, thank you so much. This game had a huge affect on me.

It‘s so wonderful!!awww I love it. It tell us how the ts living . ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و Hope that I can play such as the beautiful games

Loved the game and the art! Well done explaining the difficulties of being transgender that cisgender people may not fully understand :)

relly good, made me relise how its hard to be transgender

got all the endings, cute and overall a great little game :)


I am a trans girl. This game so accurately portrays us, thank you <3

i'm a trans boy :D


this game makes me so happy!! i love the art style as well!!!


this game is so cute!! i really relate to haru because i find changing rooms to be really uncomfortable because of my bio gender, and its really cute to see her reactions when the sweet lady gives her and the friends a room upgrade :D


i myself am not transgender but i did really like this game from the story to the people to even the art style


from beginning to end, i was completely engaged in this game. normally, games are about straight people in straight relationships, but as time goes on, we witness a growing number of games that are similar to one night, hot springs. it makes me happy to see how things are gradually changing, and that people who identify as a different gender or who aren't heterosexual are gradually being treated equally to "regular" boys and girls. i hope that every transgender person reading this remembers that THEY ARE DESERVING OF BEING WHO THEY ARE! allow no one to prevent you from trying the things you've always wanted to try. thank you very much for creating this game. <3

you made me cry, thank you so much for saying that I think I needed it <3

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This was extremely sweet, thank you for making it. I will for sure pay for the first one and am totes gonna get A Year of Spring.


This game was so sweet!! Very good.


An all-girls Birthday party spent soaking in hot springs may be a perfect plan to loosen up for some, but not to Haru who is about to face a sequence of difficulties coming to society’s approach and own doubts coming to the faced circumstances as a transgender woman.

An altogether of little moments that would not be as clear to non-LGBTQ+ related people if not properly explained. There are many worries, questions and doubts coming to how to behave and trying to understand what others think that are part of Haru’s routine. And, while in this game we do get a section of slightly more than a night spent among her surroundings, it is clear that all of the problematics Haru is facing in silence are part of her everyday life.

You can read more about it in my review (https://gyepitypes.wordpress.com/2022/04/11/videogame-reviews-one-night-hot-spri...)


as a trans person, the themes in this are very refreshing. thank you :]

ive gotten all endings except for bad ending, any hints or tips?
also this game is so wholesome and adorable i cant !! the art, the characters and the STAFF ? ! its too cute to comprehend...


I knew that this game was going to be great after playing A Pet Shop After Dark and Haru being trans was very nice. The only mystery I want to solve is: Why is there 3000+ pages worth of save files? *Just curious.*

yeah there are like tons of save file pages


so cuteee!!

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