remastered version is out!

hello! one night hot springs has been remastered in A YEAR OF SPRINGS, a visual novel trilogy that combines the three visual novels of the spring series together.

the art has been remastered from 720p to 1080p & the music has been reworked as well, with some completely new tracks! there are also new features like a cg gallery and music player for each game.

on top of that, there's an ✨ all-new ✨ epilogue exclusive to the remastered trilogy collection. 

here is an example of some of the art changes.





you can get the remastered visual novel trilogy here → A YEAR OF SPRINGS

Files 60 MB
Version 1.49 May 17, 2021
onsengame-1.49-linux.tar.bz2 47 MB
Version 1.49 May 17, 2021 43 MB
Version 1.49 May 17, 2021

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