languages: english / ζ—₯本θͺž


snapshots of a life through bandages.

you start your new life abroad with your phone and an opened box of eight bandages in your bag.


a tiny story made for blossom vn jam: spring.

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story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi


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oh, cool perspective and gameplay loop

this is really nicely put together!

This is so cute and i love how each tape coincided with a different stage in her life. 

I loved this, it made me think a lot. And I'll be honest, this game did make me shed a tear.

Why did this actually make me cry... tho tbf I've been stressed and emotional lately

this is the CUTEAST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

ohhhh i cried like a baby this is so cutee. brb have to go call my mum (currently living in a different country) and tell her i love her 

This was so sweet, great work!!

She kept on getting huurt when she called her mom. but also such a sweet game. ( karen better not grow up to be a karen)

Oh my gods, this was so cute!

AHHH this game is so cute :,)

<3 short and simple thank you sm for making this : 3

OMG my heart. Thank you for making and sharing this!

aw i had a little cry at this, that was so sweet :*)

haven't thought this little thing can be made into a game so sweet...

when they called it tape at the end omg <3

This was so sweet. <3 You told a beautiful story through the dialogue and bandages.

that was so cute, it's a short but good experience, love'd it. it warmed my heart ^^

awww :]

I loved it! A wholesome game.

This made me tear up a bit ... I can only imagine how much the main character went through - moving to a new country at a young age, finding love there, and raising a kid in that new country. Loved how you tied the bandages in & the ending! It's true, we are just like our parents. What a lovely, lovely game. 100/10 

Pretty cute and heartwarming! Not' sure why, but I expected a dark or sad twist after the black time skip screens at some point. But I was pleased to see it was simply nice through and through! Maybe I played too many things and just reflexively expect drama in a story, lol! Or maybe one thing that's sometimes hard to interpret is what the conversation is about because your mom "................"s. I think the idea is to interpret it your own (Maybe personal) way or to just wait for the revelation, but it can lead to all kinds of potential guesses and kind of makes me feel like I missed stuff.

Hello! I recommended your game in my youtube video. It is wholesome! Good job! <3

awww this is too sweet!!

Such a sweet, wholesome, short yet beautiful story 10/10 <3 

this is so cute

this is so cute and wholesome.... the way the mother kept calling it tape and watching this person just grow up, AUSJDLKJAKSJD I LOVE ITTT it feels like im viewing this from the mothers perspective, watching my daughter grow up and marry a nice man and have a child (named karen..πŸ˜’) and ASDKJALSKJ 😭😭😭😭

what cruel women would name their child Karen in 2021?

Lmao I said the exact same thing!! Hahaha ^D^

lol this is a fun game. i was pretending that the mom was talking jibberish so i kept making wah sounds lol

Loved it πŸ’Œ Also that color palette is amazing!

Awwww lovely

A truly wholesome and relaxing game :)

aww that was precious... i love the ending aha

I Honestly got Invested in this Game And Hope to See More

I enjoyed it a lot! I love the expression by screen-shake and, particularly, phone-shake. It made me imagine mom to be very assertive, despite her having no written text. Impressive how well the very minimal interface works within the story!

I expected some sad turn but it subverted this expectation nicely, while still having emotional depth.

Two minor usability problems I had: 
- The language selector caused me minor trouble. I though I need to click the language as a link and thats it, but it is a selection and I need to click the "okay" afterwards
- I needed some time until I understood the zipper, I first thought it is a pen. As these things are, after understanding it, it felt natural as it was.

that was the most wholesome thing I played today I love it so much.

Wow, that experience was truly touching! I was expecting a twist of sadness at every turn, but instead, it overflowed with heartwarming moments. Your ability to convey an entire life's story with just a few bandages is absolutely astounding. Such incredible storytelling and emotional depth. Bravo! 😒🌟

I loved this! The story almost had me in tears. I tried to guess what the mom was saying.

Here's my playthrough if anyone is interested:

Too many words for me..

So short and poignant! I loved it!!


Great cozy game!
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