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Not me crying bc its so good :>

I liked it a lot. Sort of wish I knew what the mom was saying.

Your games never dissapoint <3. I am always impressed how you are able to show deep, complex stories in such short form. I really see my own mum in this game, she once travelled half of the Poland with heavy bag full of potatoes so she can give them to my sister. She always send me bread via post like she was not sure if there is any bakery in one of the biggest cities in our country :D. 


Ngl I thought the mom would die or smth (πーπ)

It was all very wholesome though :D

I want to have my mom play this lol I love it.

soooooo cute

Nice slice of life short game ❤️

Really cute :D

what a heartwarming game!!! I like how just a box of bandages can have a deep, cute story behind it, literally sobbing ;w;

this is so adorable <3

This reminded me of me and my mother's relationship. She would definitely send me off with bandages (even if I didn't need any). It made me smile.

Thanks for making this cute game!

that last line was so cute. it might not be something I can relate to or understand all that well but its still such a cute game

Omg I'm crying, this was so beautiful T_T

I love how it's minimalistic yet the story is deep and heartwarming. The fact that you didn't need to show what the Mom was saying either because it could be inferred from MC's words is so clever!! I really love your storytelling <3

I'm not very close with my mom... but this story made me feel what it'd be like. Thank you for making such a beautiful game!!

this game and story is so cute 

Oh my gosh, this made me cry. What a wonderful story you created, kc. It's really something, like all of your stories. Great job <3

tape through the ages.

a wholesome hetero story.

why did thid made me cry ;^;

I started just playing random games but by the end, I was genuinely invested in this story, amazing game 11/10

This was lovely! The clean lines and bright colors of the art really aligns with the episodic nature of the story. I've always liked the snapshots over time format and this is a wonderful execution of it. You say so much about the complexity of mother-daughter relationships with the simple one-sided conversations in this game.

I got so scared at the end every time more time passed that the mom was going to die 

That was really sweet, in all its simplicity it managed to tell a really cute story. The last phrase actually got me, heh, loved it~

Cute and lovely ❤

Cute story. A creative one.

hi the game was  simple and fun ,great work i made new game (bvb-guess ) too if want check my game and tell any bug or new things that i can add to it ,thank you

We don't know what Mom said, as a result, it feels like it could be our story.

that was a cute, quaint and tender story. I got Florence vibes. The journey from childhood to adulthood then parenthood was sweet. 

A lovely game!!!

Very sweet!


I enjoyed this tiny story! It was short and sweet, while also being packed with deeper meaning. Thank you for making this.

Interesting game. bandages aren’t made of plastic.

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