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Oh my gosh this is super helpful, thank you so much!!

Edit: My friend helped me out! I just had to copy the variables from the pronountool.rpy and paste them on the script.rpy after the selected pronouns line, hehe. Thanks again for this wonderful tool!

I just wanted to ask a question, if it's alright. I'm reading the instructions to implement the tool and it worked for me when I used the pronoun text tags but I'm having trouble making the pronoun variable work; it goes to "they/them" by default. 

Is there something we need to add to the script.rpy or any of the other rpy files to make the variable work when you're typing dialogue? Sorry about this, I'm a bit of a beginner with Ren'Py and coding 💦


glad it worked out! i'll go over that part and see if i can make it more clear in the explanation.


oh man, thank you so much for this tool. i use ren'py a lot and pronouns suck to program in. 10/10, good job!

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have you followed the instructions as listed in step 2? just copying the file to the game will not work.

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Sorry, I did, I was just opening the script and options and stuff individually form the main menu instead of clicking 'open project'. I haven't poked renpy in some time so when it said to just look at the pronountool.rpy it wasn't immediately clear what that meant. But I've found it now and I look forward to poking around with it! Thank you for the quick response!!

sorry if it wasn't clear! i hope it works for you.


Mx Parrot explained things very clearly and sweetly, and I was enthused when I understood how the {0}{1}{2} tags work! Super cool!

Thank you so much, npckc <3


i'm glad the explanation was clear! (:

Hello! First, huge thank you for developing this, it is so incredibly helpful. I am new to Ren'py and Python in general, so I think I'm messing something up, but I can't figure out what it is.

It's weird because I'm able to get the preferences menu working and the player can choose their pronouns, but I think I'm typing this part in particular incorrectly because the error keeps coming up as "Exception: Unknown keyword arguments: pronouns". I haven't made any changes to the actual pronountool script, so I feel like it's probably just something I'm mistyping in this space.

Thank you for your help in advance, and sorry if this has a really simple solution that I'm just overlooking. ^^;


hello! unfortunately i can't tell what the error is just from that. i think ren'py should give you a more detailed traceback.txt, but would you be able to copy/paste that into a comment here (or send it to me @

Oh, okay, will do! Thank you!


Hello, first of all, thank you for creating this. I was wondering if there's a way to incorporate this into imagemap. Thanks a lot! 


hmm, i think you could do it if you add a screen for your imagemap and show that in the pronounselection label instead of the choice menu that currently appears.

Yep, I tried doing that with the screen variable but I keep having errors for some reason. How would you recommend the correct approach?

unfortunately without actually looking at your code i can't say anything more specific. i don't think you should be using screen variables though - the screen you create should be using the variables specified in pronounselection so that it can change the variables directly.

Sorry, it was SetVariable, not Screen Variables. Anyway, the code is this.

I managed to work around it somehow. Thanks for the help regardless.

this is a really nice tool and I like it a lot!!! it'd be really cool if custom pronouns were available too

the tool has 3 pronouns by default but more can be added, as stated in the summary.

I know about that but I mean like when the player gets asked what pronouns they have and they choose their own custom set


if that's something you want to do, you could set it up by asking the user for input in renpy. it would cause issues with translation though, so it hasn't been included in this tool.


oh ok!! thank you for responding!!