riding past the end of the world, released

the world has long since ended, but you're still here. 

you are a survivor of the apocalypse who has grown tired of only living to survive. you decide to get on your rusty old scooter & ride until you can't ride any longer. 


riding past the end of the world is a post-apocalyptic journal adventure about exploring what is left behind & choosing a place to stop. it requires a standard 52-card deck & a journal & pen (something to write with). 

start your journey here: https://npckc.itch.io/riding-past-the-end-of-the-world


game by npckc
font: yusei magic
patreon supporters: Nina Kalinina, Bee, Perrydotto, Alma Gold, Phoebe Hanon, Natalie Aurora, quakefultales, Jana Dunfield, Alan Hardman, Lily W, Lily Craver, May Nyan, Joel Forster, Adept7777, Lilli, Silent Tremor, Miriam Brown, Evan Tysinger, Nishioka Diddley, zessou, Steven Hopkins, Rachel Arjache, nappa! 


riding past the end of the world.pdf 234 kB
Jan 17, 2022
riding past the end of the world - printable cards.pdf 227 kB
Jan 18, 2022

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