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languages: english / 日本語


Will you risk running into a monster for a chance at more treasure, or will you play it safe and take your treasure home?


SCAREDY CAT DUNGEON is a cute push-your-luck card game where you play as a cowardly adventurer, eager for treasure but terrified of monsters. 

  • Players: 2-5
  • Play time: ~10 minutes
  • Age: 8+


Print-and-Play Version:

The black-and-white version is available for free, but if you pay $3 or more, you'll be able to download a full colour version! 🌈

The paper size is A4 for all files. If printing with letter-sized paper, please make sure to print the file at actual size to ensure the cards print at the correct size. 

The instruction manual can be printed at half size (two pages per sheet) and double-sided to make it a little booklet.


Physical Version:

You can purchase a physical version of SCAREDY CAT DUNGEON here!

It includes both English and Japanese manuals. All components were printed in Japan.



design/art: npckc 
circle: yuzu labo

special thanks to jolly jellies, catsaveus & silent tremor!


Download NowName your own price

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Scaredy Cat Dungeon - Instruction Manual (English).pdf 566 kB
弱虫ダンジョン - 説明書(日本語).pdf 600 kB
Scaredy Cat Dungeon - Print and Play (B&W).pdf 32 MB
Scaredy Cat Dungeon - Print and Play (Colour).pdf 28 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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I printed this game and it's quite good for younger players. My biggest criticism of it for older players is that it's easy to know when it is safe to keep drawing cards from a colour: once 2 yellow monsters are revealed, all yellow cards are safe, ditto for 3 pink monsters, and for 4 blue monsters. I think that the game would benefit from, say, increasing the number of monsters by a little, cutting a quarter of the deck and leaving it out of the game, and splitting the remainder into the draw decks. It would mean that you have some rough idea of how dangerous each colour is, without knowing for sure how many monsters exist in each colour.

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Wow! Amazing! Very easy to set up. Great fun. Thank you for releasing this game. Dropped a follow.

Do you have any plans to make more card/physical games?

hi, i'm glad you enjoyed the game!

originally i was planning on making another physical game this year, but the events i would have sold the game at have all been cancelled/postponed so i probably won't be making anything until at least next year.

Deleted 199 days ago

I've received the game today! It's soooooooo cute!

Can't wait to play it!


Hooray, I hope you enjoy it! I'm glad it arrived safely.


The art is SO cute! ♥ Can't wait to play it with friends!
Would it be okay if I made a Tabletop Simulator mod with the B&W version? (with due credits to this page, of course)

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to make a mod with the B&W version (and would love to see it if you do)! If you do though, please make it available for free. 



First of all thank you for this very lovely game, it's so cute!

I have a quick question about the rules and the cards. I see that the monsters have one, two or three "diamonds" on the top-left corner. But I didn't see any mention about them in the rules and I was wondering if it was just some sort of decoration or if I missed something in the rules document.


Hello, thank you for the comment! The diamonds indicate 'stars', which correspond to the colour of the card as well. 'one-star' is yellow with one diamond, 'two-star' is red with two diamons, and 'three-star' is blue with three diamonds.  There are 2 one-star monsters,  3 two-star monsters, and 4 three-star monster.

The diamonds are a way to easily identify what star rank the monster belongs to even if you print in black-and-white or have colour blindness.

> The diamonds are a way to easily identify what star rank the monster belongs to even if you print in black-and-white or have colour blindness.

I can see that, but do you confirm that the fact that a one-star monster doesn't have any mechanical influence on the game? (for example, if I'm revealing a one-star monster or a three-star monster doesn't change anything to the result, right?)


While there is no mechanical influence on the game (a three-star monster is not 'stronger' than a one-star monster or anything), it may influence your decision in what star rank card you want to pull next. For example, if you see that 3 three-star monsters are out (as all the monsters are revealed face-up on the play table), then there is only 1 three-star monster remaining in the dungeons, so the blue three-star cards are relatively 'safe' to pull from the dungeon.

Indeed! it makes sense now, thx!