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a rabbit that can cry star tears? what more do you need?

a cute lil game! i enjoyed the text style, art, choices and the writing! the sheep text made me giggle! i love how bunny has they/them pronouns, a nice inclusive touch! space frog is very thoughtful, we should all strive to be like space frog (including grumpy bear) :3 10/10 recommend this sweet game

super adorable!!

So cute ^^


im a frog too!

is good game????

is text-based game just click on text is simple story about frog.

so cute! And earth cat!!

Super cute ^_^

So lovely! Adorable!

really cute :)

i love it!!!!!!


i almost cried T_T 

so very adorable!!! when Im rich and making lots of money
I'll come back to support this.


I love frogs

What a fun story! Shame about that friendly-chopped man in the top left that kept getting distracted and rewriting it...;{)



this was sucha cute story <3

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This game was so cute!! I love the art style - very whimsical - and the story gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. <3

Every time i look at the sky at night, i search for Space Frog <3

Very wholesome!

Ohh this was so sweet! I'd love to play this with my kids, if i have some in the future.

How lovely <3


this game is so cute! i did all the paths

congrats on the goal being reached

This game is so cute! Very simple yet charming, it sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much!

I honestly thought this was gonna have some weird spooky twist but it didn't! Space frog is happy :D

The story was short but really cute and enjoyed it! The artstyle is super cute as well :0

I think I finished it

How is it, did I finish it full

space frog is so cute! I love the style of the game and the story is told in such an adorable way :) i got a sheep poop star

Loved it so much that I just created my account to congratulate you on such a nice and warm story! 

I already imagine their full body;

SPACE FROG (Hobert) : He wears a indigo astronaut.

EARTH CAT (Jay) : He wears a scientist jacket.

SHEEP : Just a normal sheep, but it's in space, so maybe it's a unique sheep.

BEAR (I named her Hannah) : She wears a red marching band clothes, stick, and a hat.

RABBIT (I named her Sophie) : She wears a white dress

And BTW, the story is Cute and Awesome!!!



truly beautiful :')


this little game is super cute ! Just played a couple times because a certain character got my attention :) It also gave me some Thr Little Prince vibes !! reccomended


OH MY GOD so cool and cute, I wish it was longer! I felt like a kid again, because my mother told me similar stories as a child. Thank you so muchhh!!!!


this was so amazingly adorable, made my inner child as happy as ever ♥


God this game is cute. This made me feel like reading a choose your adventure book for children and it made me feel like a child again. The story and character interactions were adorable and damn it was amazing. Thank you for bringing me back to a time when it was much simpler even for a brief period of time :D

HI! I had a question for the dev or anyone who downloaded. I was going to download and when I tried to open it said that my computer (im on Mac) couldn't verify if it had malware. SO if anyone here has downloaded please lmk whether its safe! Have a nice day :)


it doesn't have malware.

That just means that they didn't pay Apple or a signing authority tons of money for a certificate. You shouldn't put your trust in that popup and instead rely on other cues to determine if something is malware. Think of it like HTTPS before Let's Encrypt made HTTPS free and accessible to everyone, except tons more expensive. It's a similar situation on Windows.  Rather unfair in all honesty but that's how it is. Hope this helps!! :)

This is one of the most adorable games I have ever played. I just want to play this with my little cousin! A froggy delight! <3


Very cool, space frog is cool!


frog !! and stars !!!! xx

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