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all endings:

star ending: get the "grand prize" (big purple star)

shiny rock ending: get the smaller, blue star

no star ending: fail to get a star


This is very cute


I love this game.

muscular earth cat yes


This was absolutely awesome. The cutest thing ever :D

Very epic :)


super cute <3 Space Frog and Earth Cat are so wholesome

very cute :)

So cute! I loved it

adorable i love it some of the dialogue made me laugh like the bear one

such a cute game :)

so cute and wholesome <333

So cute! Now I am a space frogfan.

This was cute and fun!

a rabbit that can cry star tears? what more do you need?

a cute lil game! i enjoyed the text style, art, choices and the writing! the sheep text made me giggle! i love how bunny has they/them pronouns, a nice inclusive touch! space frog is very thoughtful, we should all strive to be like space frog (including grumpy bear) :3 10/10 recommend this sweet game

super adorable!!

So cute ^^


im a frog too!

is good game????

is text-based game just click on text is simple story about frog.

so cute! And earth cat!!

Super cute ^_^

So lovely! Adorable!

really cute :)

i love it!!!!!!


i almost cried T_T 

so very adorable!!! when Im rich and making lots of money
I'll come back to support this.


I love frogs

What a fun story! Shame about that friendly-chopped man in the top left that kept getting distracted and rewriting it...;{)



this was sucha cute story <3

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This game was so cute!! I love the art style - very whimsical - and the story gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. <3

Every time i look at the sky at night, i search for Space Frog <3

Very wholesome!

Ohh this was so sweet! I'd love to play this with my kids, if i have some in the future.

How lovely <3


this game is so cute! i did all the paths

congrats on the goal being reached

This game is so cute! Very simple yet charming, it sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much!

I honestly thought this was gonna have some weird spooky twist but it didn't! Space frog is happy :D

The story was short but really cute and enjoyed it! The artstyle is super cute as well :0

I think I finished it

How is it, did I finish it full

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