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this game discusses sexual/romantic orientation, which is a topic that can be sensitive and personal.
NOTE: this is a jam version of a game that is being left up for posterity. the remastered version can be found in A YEAR OF SPRINGS.


languages: english / 日本語 / deutsch / español / 한국어 / português (brasil)


ノベルゲーム『spring leaves no flowers』


manami is talking to her boyfriend tatsuya, when he asks her why she didn't tell him that her two friends were dating. manami thinks he just has the wrong idea, but... 

SPRING LEAVES NO FLOWERS is a visual novel. play as manami, a young woman with a boyfriend named tatsuya, and join her as she spends the weekend with her friends. help manami come to an understanding about herself as she thinks about what friendship and romance mean to her.

play time is about 30 minutes with multiple endings. the game has image and sound captions with self-voicing features.

for $3 or more, you can support me in my game-making adventures & also receive a digital art collection that includes all art from the game along with design sketches!


1. one night, hot springs
2. last day of spring
3. spring leaves no flowers





story/code/art by npckc 
music by sdhizumi
translation by kyleheren (ko),  marshmelieee (de), choijong (es), gato_rres (ptbr)

special thanks to armin & cloverfirefly!

get the soundtrack here! 
spring leaves no flowers - original soundtrack


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

if you like my work and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee or check out my patreon


melbourne queer games festival 2020: silver medal


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Version 1.09
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This game made me smile so much. Happy to finally see aro/ace representation with so much support, hope, and comfort. As someone who's ace I can't thank you enough for creating this game :)

Loved it so much. You do such a good job of foreshadowing things about the characters, and revealing them in a natural way. It's so nice seeing representation portrayed in such a kind, hopeful way.


I love this little game! I'm also aroace and the representation here is really good! That's pretty hard to find so it's very nice to see it. I especially felt for Manami with the "what do you mean you actually feel romantic/sexual attraction??" moments. I've known I'm aroace since I was very young (though I didn't have the words at the time) and I've never dated anyone so my experience is a little different, but I'm constantly having those moments where I realize that romantic/sexual attraction is actually a thing that exists and not just a cute concept for a story haha.

I really love the full body sprites in combination with the little windowed backgrounds, it's makes a very nice feeling! The crossed out choices were a really interesting way to show Manami's hesitation in talking about things, and really showed her anxiety and the way she thinks in a very real way.

It's a small thing but I also really love the little beep sound when the phone hangs up. It's cute haha.

Thanks for a great little game! I hope to play more of yours in the future! :)


Aro representation is so incredibly scarce. This is the first time ever I've seen good aromantic representation in media. I was smiling for hours afterwards. The process of self-discovery, the emotional journey - hell, even the weirdness of friends dating was spot-on. Thank you, with all my heart. I feel seen. I feel understood.  This made me so so happy. Thank you.

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 *put $3 to support  :)*  i love this trilogy ,story is really good ,art is cute and its very touching , the end gives me a mixed feeling with both and happiness and sadness? im not sure if that make sense but that how i feel :) 

i did not knew there were test for such things on internet so i tried  the  asexuality test and got the result i knew already : moderate indication of asexuality .    www.idrlabs.com


Hey NPCKC, I really really love your Spring trilogy. They're so sweet and cute and beautiful and heartfelt. They warm my heart, even when I'm struggling to find a way for Haru to be happy in the first two. Thank you for making them.


So... I played all the games, the history is great, the art is soo cute and the songs are really good, thank you soo much for such a nice game :((

ahh so i took the time to get all the endings and they're so cute! made me question myself a little as in if i'm a asexual trans male or not. i just love all the games the creator makes.

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this helped me discover that im aro!! + this game is amazing and the art style is adorable!! and id protect all of them with my life 

I might have just bought and played all 3 games in one night...

It was so cute!!! All of the art was really nice and I thought the stories of all 3 were really well told. Thank you so much!!!


tbh, i really like tatsuya. he's crazy understanding, i was expecting him to be an ass.


Hard agree on this! I obviously expected Haru and Erika to support Manami, but wasn't sure about Tatsuya. So when he accepted it wholeheartedly I just had this huge grin on my face nwn (TMI but I'm also ace, with a pretty low libido (but it does act up sometimes) and he reminded me about how my bf reacted: unknowing but accepting, and willing to put in the effort). Softness...


Thanks you for the serie, sweetness in a heavy world !

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Hey I really wanna find the other endings but I've only gotten: Let's talk again tomorrow, Let's watch a movie, Let's not think about this and Let's be honest. Can someone link me a video or a Reddit page or something? Any help is appreciated! 😓😊

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Try clicking the crossed out dialogue options for both Haru and Erika (Erika first I think)! There's also a video further down the page.


Definetly the best vn series i've ever played and made me cried :(. The art style and story of the entire series is unbelievably beautiful and good! <3


[Spoilers below]

I went into this trilogy pretty blind, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first two games. But this one brought me to tears. I'm aspec myself (probably aro/ace?), and it means so much to be represented in a game. There's hardly any characters that are openly aro/ace or talk about discovering that part of their identity. But Manami was incredibly relatable - thinking she's broken, being confused. I do admit the support she received made me jealous as other people always invalidated me when I tried to come out, but at the same time playing through her story was finally like getting someone who supports me. This game meant a lot to me, thank you so much :) 


"other people always invalidated me when I tried to come out"
it's time for a fucking crusade


wow, I did not expect this to be the third part but I love it! It absolutely makes sense and I am glad you also explored other related topics.

Though the trilogy you put us in the shoes of 3 different people all with a unique thing they deal with. I wonder if you planed this in advance because it makes a lot of sense even backwards why the characters act like this.

I got the "Let's be honest" ending.


this game left me questioning if im aro (lol rip) but was an amazing game nonetheless! i love the sound and visuals in this series!

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-----------------------------SPOILERS   BELOW----------------------------------

if you're already two games in, then might as well go ahead and download this one. what a beautiful little world the writer/coder/artist has made.


I really enjoyed this game and seeing the representation of asexual/aromantic people. I'm homoromantic asexual and I've found that there's not many games with ace/aro representation so playing this game was very nice. :)


I thought the game was great! Can't wait for more by you.


This game really hit home for me. It's so rare to see representation of my orientation in media, even in small indie creations. Aro/Aces are usually put into the background or set as side characters so it was really nice to see one as the main character. The realization Manami comes to is really accurate to my experience: It's scary and you feel like there's something wrong with you. It makes me happy that Manami has such supportive and good friends though, the ending made me tear up. 

I love that your games cater to people are already familiar with LGBT topics and those who are unfamiliar. The story doesn't treat ignorant people as evil for asking uncomfortable questions or being confused. 

I hope we get to see more of these girls! I don't want this to be the last game in the series (T-T)


I recently discovered "one night, hot springs" on Steam while looking for games to pass the quarantine. I really loved it and I found myself downloading and playing through the next 2 games right after finishing the first one. The series is very informative and delivers relatively heavier topics in a way that is easy to digest. The games are also very short yet the characters are so charming that you can't help but love them! I was especially moved by the Manami's  development in "Let's be honest".

**spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you haven't unlocked this ending**

I, myself, am someone in the ace and aro spectrum and I have never really encountered any characters in video games that share the same views and experienced I did. I felt that Manami reflected very well how confused I had felt before as well and I'm really thankful for this series for helping people understand more about each other!

**spoilers end**

I hope that more people get to see and play this series. Once the quarantine is over, I hope to find a way to support this game and the creator ^^

More power to the whole team who made these games possible!

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sorry to bother you, i would like to know if the game will have a translation into portuguese (brazil) i love this series and i would like to know how it ended. 

 sorry for the unnecessary comment.


Since I always try to get all the ending, I noticed that the "Let's be a better friend" ending have the drawing of a sprout, while the "Let's not think about it" is a small plant, and the "Let's be honest" have a plant with a full bloom flower. Like how Manami is discovering more about herself. Small details, but really nice. I love this game, and I am planning to play your other games. Keep on the good work 

i just noticed that- that's a nice touch actually


im just curious, are we allowed to make fan creations of the "one night, hot springs" series?
fanart, fangames, fanfiction- 

im just kind of curious, sorry-

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yup! fan stuff is all ok, but if you'd like to make other content like articles, streams, &c.) of my games, please link back to the game or me (npckc) in some way when posting it.


are we allowed to edit your art?
i just kinda had an idea for something so that's why i'm asking

sorry for kinda replying late, i get nervous when making comments and stuff


please feel free to as long as you're not claiming that the original art is your own. if you're making direct edits credit me in some way. 


YESYESYESESESYSE THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!!! I love the game so much! I had a fun time playing it all ^^ I was really surprised that they were dating like I was freaking out lmao-

Beautiful game, and series. 


plss, translate for portuguese!! I really like your games


I love this series so much! Manami was really relatable (I'm asexual too) and this was just really sweet and really showed that it can be difficult to tell what you are feeling

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Heck ya GFs!!!!!!!! Heck ya ppl being understanding instead of being mean!!!!! Great game each one makes the series more awesome. Maybe the next one her bf can figure they're genderfluid or agender (just a suggestion and if you make another game in this series you don't have to if you dont want and i'm pretty sure id like any new game you make. Thank you for this awesome game ^_^)


Ahh at first I didn't understand the strikethrough mechanic, but then realised that it was intentional LOL. and then i was like omg this is actually quite clever omg. amazing game :))


just finished the series and i really enjoyed it!


This series is incredible! It's really inspiring, and I love the artstyle. It makes me feel sad about my life, and make me with I had friends like Haru does. I'm accepted, but I'm not really treated as a girl as much as I'd like. :<
Overall I love this series though, and I wish it was longer!! >_>

This really is a wonderful series!  I played through all the games today and got all the endings on each of them, but for this game I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the third message.  Does anyone have any hints that could point me in the right direction?


Okay, I got stuck on this one too for a long time. It was really bugging me, but i figured it out. You have to hang out with erika first & select the strikethrough text option. I don't want to spell out all the steps, but I think you should be able to figure it out from there :^)

Are you sure that's what to do for the third message?  I could swear I've tried everything but to no avail; I really have no idea what to do here to get the third message/ending.


Had trouble with this too but just figured it out!

  1. Give Erika a call
  2. Choose the strike through option
  3. See if Haru's free
  4. Do you think she liked my present?

Thank you so much!


do you know how to get 1st and 4th ending?? I cant figure it out 


The artstyle is adorable and the story was something I didn't expect to get so involved. The post-ending gallery was a really nice touch! I'll definitely look forward to more of your games (and try out your previous ones!)


Manami...I really loved the fact that you explicitly made the energetic "girly girl" type into an athlete, 'cause I guess I can relate to that. XD But then...just...her confusion over sexual norms, and how she can't bring herself to say that she doesn't get "horny", it's...it's really nice to get asexual representation, especially for those who really...haven't been able to come to terms with it. Thank you.


I'm an asexual lesbian, I've always been super chill about being ace but I never really stopped to think how hard coming to terms with being ace/aro for some people could be. I definitely teared up playing this. I just wanna spread some aro/ace validity, we're perfect just the way we are <3


this game was so cute and well written! i'm not ace but i am bisexual and transgender, and some of these points really hit home for me. it gave me some valuable perspective! thank you!


I cried... on video lol kinda embarrassing. I'm so happy this game exists. I wasn't paying any attention what the game was about I just immediately started playing because I was so excited. It really took me by surprise and I was not prepared lol.

Thank you so much for making this game <3

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