languages: english / 日本語 - pc recommended!


thank you for visiting the shop of good memories.
feel free to take a memory if you leave one in return.

share screenshots of your memories in the comments if you like. 


made for advxjam based on the theme "a good time". 

support this shop for $2 or more for a souvenir photo set (read: phone wallpapers) of the shop background in different lighting. 

note: this can be played on smartphone, but the virtual keyboard is finicky. if you have issues, please try the pc browser/download version.



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi




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Version 1.0
memoryshop-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 21 MB
Version 1.0 14 MB
Version 1.0
souvenir photos (1080x1920px smartphone wallpapers).zip 1 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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wish I could have used a few more words for my memory but I loved the experience and it felt good to feel

I really thought that when I came back to the shop, I would see my memory on a shelf where I'd taken the previous one.
I don't think that storage is that expensive and you could really store every memory people leave. It has dangers of profanity, but it would be much more organic and alive

Thank you for reminding me. The first day I had a place to call home was the first day I had family.

I didn't get enough space to make it less out of context or giving the wrong idea :<

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Thank you for making this. It helped me remember a lot of happy moments that I thought I didn't have, and also reminded me that I'm not alone.

I feel very, very happy right now.

left three called; bright nights, worthy, and when we were friends

i really love the concept of this game and i really love reading the memories that are written. i love the cute details like the cat and the lamp. i wrote a memory called "Summer Storm Watchin" (couldn't fit the G). this game is really great and helps with mindfulness if you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, etc. which i am all of those rn and this game really helped me to slow down and focus on good, peaceful, serene memories, and also enjoy others writing and partake in my own short creative writing session haha. 10/10 for such a simple game its outstanding truly.

I left one called 'Cat Cuddles' it's about snuggling with my cat and giving her soft head kisses.

Left one (or two if playing the game through affects online) called "Conquered the Altitude" and for some context, baking at higher altitudes usually requires you to change recipes and/or baking times 

left one called coworker's treat. really enjoy this little gem, it's nice to come back to after a rough day.

whoever wrote Granny's call, I LOVE YOU

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Left notes called "never thought", "couldnt stop thinking", and "Thanks guys, You did it!".

i left one called "oreos"!

This is so adorable and cute

Left a memory called "my cat, malo <3"

I left on called "Returned Home"

i just think i'm in love with this game.

short and sweet - the realization that all the memories were left by other players made me suprisingly happy! i left a memory about my friends called 'connections' <3

I agree.

Very cute game, 10/10, short and sweet.

I just created a series of memories, well, my friend's, but still, and anyways, they all end in, 'We are united'. It's about her and her dog.

Cute and sweetilike it

nearly made me cry, amazing simple and short game :)


Hopefully something like this is acceptable by The Shop of Good Memory's standards!!

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Excuse me!  I was wandering if there's a way to download the music in this game so that I can listen to it in my free time since its really relaxing and nice. 

sorry for the bother and thanks for the game it was fun and very relaxing. >w<;;


This game is amazing! It helped me to relax, and conjure up happy memories. Thanks for making a great experience!


i got a memory about a sun-filled stroll, so i decided to add in my experience with my soccer team and the last practice of the season :)

i loved playing this game!

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This was the perfect shop to bring up sweet memories you may want to visit. I'm just sharing mine here because I've been thinking of it: I was on a week long vacation with 20 family friends, and I was exhausted from being around everyone. Some people were playing a game or talking. Only one other girl was there and she was with a guy in a hot tub. I was alone and sat at the counter on the bottom floor, where there was a TV above the sink. I started to play Mario Kart. Then one guy grabbed a second controller and asked to join me. I hadn't talked all day, as I have this thing where I freeze to talk in groups bigger than three. I was able to talk and connect with him over a game, and it was nice, not awkward or forced. Even when we didn't talk, it was a comfortable silence. That was the only conversation I had all week with someone my age, and it was amazing.

I think it was super cute! I love the vibe of the shop and remembering your old memories can be really fun!

I love it! It is short and sweet, I feel really melancholic, but in a good way.

Reading the memories in the comments makes me really happy and grateful, it is an amazing experience.

I didn't screen shoot mine. 


His very existence is the thing that makes getting up in the morning worth it. He turns every bad feeling into something good so I hope he can do the same for you. His name is Tabby and he's my best friend. He's the sweetest little ball of fluff I've ever seen... I hope he knows he means the world to me.

this game made me nostalgic, i got a chance to dwell into the past and think bout simple times. i miss those days, reading other people's memories is wonderful too, its brings me great joy thinking that all of us are leaving a piece of us in this game!! 

thank u for making this sweet game!! its atmosphere is beautiful and calming too

good game. kinda buggy. there should not be a character limit.


this game made me really nostalgic, the music made me even more immersive in my thoughts. thank you for remind me of those days, and even tho my memory isn't really happy, i am happy bc i remembered about the time i had with my dog beethoven.

again, thank you for the good & nostalgic atmosphere you bring to me through a game and good job!

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this is so sweet, thank you!


really atmospheric music and friendly vibes <3

thanks for reminding me of good times!!

rainy day, baking bread & waiting for a date are my favourites ^v^


 It felt like one of those peaceful dreams, the music and atmosphere made it look so chill and inviting. Reading those good memories and remembering a good one made me revive the feeling of that day. Simple, but awesome.

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