languages: english / 日本語 - pc recommended!


thank you for visiting the shop of good memories.
feel free to take a memory if you leave one in return.

share screenshots of your memories in the comments if you like. 


made for advxjam based on the theme "a good time". 

support this shop for $2 or more for a souvenir photo set (read: phone wallpapers) of the shop background in different lighting. 

note: this can be played on smartphone, but the virtual keyboard is finicky. if you have issues, please try the pc browser/download version.



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

if you like my work and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee or check out my patreon!


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Version 1.0
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Development log


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So amazing and fun! I left an embellished version of my first kiss behind.

i wish a shop like this existed in real life

found a sweet first date memory <3 left a self care one in its replacement. hope the couple is still happily together <3

i feel good looking these memories!


Thank you for this experience. I appreciate it. Thank you, again, thank you very much!


It's been a few tough months without seeing their smiles, but I'm keeping myself strong and trying to be patient. I love them dearly and now all I want is for them to be safe.

can i just say WOW 

like its so simple and the calming music? i was kinda hyped before i started playing like on overdose and just trying to do something with my time before starting this and i feel so much calmer now. gosh thanksssssssss!!!!!! 

I ABSOLUTELY adore this and will probably keep coming back.


hope you like the story on me and my mom ( this story is very personal to me b/c its the only time i've talked to her without us yelling at each other ) :)

Great work! Thank You!

This is a really really interesting idea, how I wish discovered this game sooner.

I love this so much!~ The atmosphere and everything and the sound effects are so perfect! :) I love reading the memories and also wanted to share a memory I wrote back.


When I leave a memory, can other people see it? I like that :)

That's what I was thinking! Sadly, when I play it over and over, I realize all the memories stay the same, whether you took them last time or not, 

i loved every second of it #lml lml means love my life 

Really glad I stumbled across this game. Found a cute cat memory and left a warm summer one to replace it. <3

I didn't expect to find this short gem! I hope someone can also take home this bottle of memory.

wow even tho i didnt meet this in the shop im glad to know this. Thanksssss


i hope that my memory of growing sunflowers makes you smile, too, dear stranger! <3

i hope someone appreciates my memory about baking cookies :)


Whoever finds the one i wrote of nearly being slammed by an ice cream cart i dont know what to tell you.


Nice game! I really liked it

This is really nice, congrats on making a good game

Really Thanks for npckc!!!! Your games are really cute and great!!!


Thank you npckc, I was feeling kinda bummed out today but this totally cheered me up! This was such a nice and lovely experience, the ambience is so soothing and it was so pleasant to read those memories and to leave behind my own memory. Keep up the great work <3


may i please link this to my school project? it's a self care web tool hosted on google forms.


please go ahead! (: 


i loved this game


I had a very pleasant time playing this. Thank you!


aww, i wanted to do two haikus but the charlimit won't let me! still good tho <3

"Dancing in starlight / Her wavy hair fluttered 'round / Leaving me awestruck // I jolted awake / My reverie done, but I'm / Wishing to meet her"

this was nice and exactly what i needed, thank you


Nice concept !

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I wanted to write more but to add on: The Florida sun was so warm and lovely and when it got too hot we dived under the water. The waves had this rocking motion that was sp soothing. The crabs kept eating everything in our buckets so we had to be careful to throw them out! I'm happy this game brought back such a lovely time in my life. Thank you.


I love the soothing ambiance you've created. It was pleasant to write my memory and leave it behind : )


perfect game keep it up!

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I'm not good with words, especially limited words. But I'm just so happy to have a new (cat) younger brother that I had to share it.
My parents never agree on having pets, but in the end they treated the stray cat as their own children haha!
Have a nice day, everyone :)


I wanted to make it sound more prose-like similar to your entries, but the word/character limit...! Travelling (especially internationally) nowadays truly seems like a 'feel good' memory of the past hahaha. I hope we can all travel safely again soon~


Felt like small happiness dabbed here and there. Cute and heartwarming, but I couldn't go back home to unbottle the memory and enjoy it full. 

same i was wondering about that but oh well i saw so many more in the comments. kinda heartwarming.


My Memory:


This is so sweet! My favorite memory was the Tea and Book. Two of my favorite things. :)


very very interesting concept

I enjoyed that! It is sweet and feel-good. Nice job.


It feels nice to read and share memories..

The art and music, overall ambience is very relaxing.  I can imagine a warm chamomile tea and lingering faint aromatherapy while playing this.

I hope I can take the cat home too though!


Your games are always impressive but this one especially I loved even though its just a small thing. Feeling the small precious moments of life from the memories then contributing my own made me wish a real shop like this existed. Conceptually it reminded me of Popcannibal’s Kind Words. The music was also especially lovely and relaxing.