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Is there no Korean in the language?


This game is so fun & cute! I love that gakuto is trans, I really hope there's a part 2! //I'll  be drawing them soon <3//


Great game, like always !

Hum, I'm curious about how you proceed for translate it. I'm french, and already worked at professional translator when I lived in Berlin, so maybe I can help for the french version if you explain me how that's work ?
That's my way for thanskfull for all this games you made. So, if you l'r interested by, just reply me, ok?
In all case, thanks again.

hello, if you'd like to ask about translations, please email me at


I love this game! I love how it relates to real life as well and also the representation. I love that it's subtle, just something we learn about the character as the story progresses. I did fanart of Gakuto (He's a fav character of mine now, but Marie is awesome too! I love her energy!) on my Instagram. I'll link it, hope you like it!

i love this, thank you for drawing it!

I'm glad you do, no problem! It was fun!

This game is great! It has a really unique ideas for vampires! Also, we stan the representation! ><

I really love the casual representation of trans folks. Like, its not that improtant to the story, and that's okay, because being trans doesnt have to be a defining thing, it can just be who they are. Amazing game, as per usual.


Finally played this! Um, I dressed the dummy in the sunhat and Gakuto said I put sunglasses on him?


that's a very odd bug... i'll look into it, thank you! (do you remember if you dressed the dummy in anything else, or only the sunhat?)


Long sleeve shirt, jeans, and I think the boots, not the wellies, but I'm not 100% on that last bit.


cool game, but i have one constructive criticism: that the only pronouns you could choose were he/him, she/her, and they/them. i would be glad if you could somehow program a feature where you can choose custom pronouns, or at least included it/its, xe/xem, and ze/hir


marie is perfect for a mother figure change my mind

anyways, game was pretty great! taught me a little something more about vampires than them turning into bats and wearing strange cloaks...

i loved it. i really do, and it isn't scary or at the very least unnerving(i made myself unnerved because of the answers i need to pick, but that's until i found out i can track back the log, haha.)

gokuto? he's a cool guy. i like him.

marie is on a whole different level though, i love everything about her. you'd expect someone that's a different species to act a little shy around humans, but marie isn't one like that. also, her allowing you to get the answers wrong and not get mad at you is also a nice trait about her(i mean it's meant to educational of course no one is going to get it right the first time dumb dumb)

npc, keep it up! I want to see more VNs from you. I am also one that played 2 girls make a game, and that was wholesome, top level wholesome, i mean it.

of course, don't overwork yourself. I would never want that. I'd say that your next line of VNs will continue to impress me(as a VN customer).

oh and if i got the pronouns wrong for the 2 of them by accident, apologies.

this was super sweet! i actually made an account just to positively rate it :]

It's probably a coincidence but these days I've been thinking of writing a story with vampires~ So this game came along at just the right time.

Plus the designs are cute and I liked the quizz. Keep up the good work !^^

It was so cute xx

Aww, I loved that! It was so wholesome!

what a fantastic game! we've been fans of your (npckc) games for awhile now and really enjoyed all of them. they always hit this emotional moment with the character that we don't expect and at the right time. maybe because you develop your characters in a pace that we get to know them so well that anything is revealed about any of them, it really resonate.

keep up the amazing work! my partner and i enjoyed it together and really invested our time with your story that it almost had us in tears (happy tears) at the end.


10/10. i started crying for some reason when he said he was trans cause it was so!!!! in the indie game community there are never any trans characters unless their whole character/plot is about them being trans sgdshakdsa. i feel very validated 

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Just streamed this game because I saw some screenshots & I really liked the idea & the actual concept for it... Such a calming & cute game!! 

The themes of acceptance & undertone of 'try to learn about others, and how they do things' made my heart smile... That, a Trans Vampire, & the use of They/Them pronouns! As a Nonbinary person, you just made my evening, too many games don't include those options or character-types.~


thank u so much for allowing me to live my dream of being bitten by a cute trans vampire man.... signed, a cute trans human man


I really enjoyed this visual novel! I love the art style, I liked the game mechanics, and I thought the ending I got was very sweet!

Thank you for making this visual novel.

I made a VOD recording of my livestream of it: Twitch

I had fun playing this game. It was cute. The art style was dope. 

I played it until the end.

What a cheerful and wholesome VN (and a pleasantly surprising bit of inclusivity too!) I really appreciated the themes of active and enthusiastic consent as well as education to eliminate stereotypes. The art direction was en pointe as always and the music was bouncy and distinct. I'm looking forward to whatever else you put out in the future

 like to play visual novels here and there and I really liked that this one had more choices than they usually do.


It's adorable and I love <3

Keep making games, I'll keep playing all of them


I love the cultural development in this game. It's very unique! I also really enjoyed the option to say "me too" about being trans because I don't see that kind of representation in a lot of games that aren't focused on LGBT+ or transgender content, and I am trans so of course I chose it! The art style in this game is extremely welcoming and cute as well. Overall, amazing game.

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nice cute simple game~

This was so nice <3


I kind of want a tomato pin irl now

this game is a good reason to live :)

Hello! i had a lot fun playing this game its interesting and i especially love the art style of this game because it really does match the tone of the game alongside with the music! also here is a lets play of your game i hope you enjoy!

Love the  thumbnail lol

lowkey wanna marry Gakuto ngl (~^ 3 ^)~ 

(sorry not sorry lol)

i enjoyed this so much! the art style was so cute and i kept laughing at lum’s expressions and reactions. i got emotional when donating blood too and actually used the stop button at first. i think it’s really amazing the game could make me feel that anxiety even though its not “real”.

i want to be gakuto’s friend.

I jumped on the opportunity to play this game so fast XD. I love every game I've played by npckc and this game is no exception🥰. It's so cute, the characters are very real, and there's  a little something to take away from playing this. I can't praise it enough play this game!🤗

I made a playthrough too if you wanna see my personal reaction for yourself🤷‍♀️

This was such a cute game!


This game was really awesome. I wanted to get all endings and it really hurt me. Marie's sad face was unique. Gakuto got a nice story as expected from npckc. Really, it was awesome. Characters are good and you catch a like to them pretty easily. Well done.

D'AWWW THIS WAS SO CUUUTTEEE. I wanna be a member of the tomato club now!! I loved Marie! And I especially loved Gakuto!! The ending scene with him got me in the feels. 

Thank you for making this sweet game!! 


Honestly let me give gakuto a kith


This was such a cute game! I really want an actual Tomato Club pin now lmao. I really enjoyed how Lum went through the process of learning about vampires, their needs, and their culture - it reminded me a lot of educating people about LGBT lifestyles (especially that bit about it "not being something you can catch"). 

This is such a cute and wholesome game. I love everything about it

ahh this game is so adorable!!!! i'm so in love with every single one of your games, i can't wait for whatever you come up with next! <3

we all know it's called tomato clinic because  it's totally just tomatoes and not blood.

good game!

This was so cute! I got really excited when you first posted about this, and I'm glad it was worth the wait! You always make such amazing games and I can't wait to see what you make next!


such a cute and wholesome experience! lowkey makes me wish vampires existed lol

Heck, I am excited to play!

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