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languages: english / 日本語 / deutsch / español / français / 한국어 / 繁體中文


TOMATO CLINIC is looking for humans interested in taking a tour of a blood donation clinic! learn a few things about vampire life and vampire culture, and if you want, you can even donate blood at the end of the tour.


TOMATO CLINIC is a visual novel about going on a tour at a vampire blood donation clinic.

play time is ~30 minutes with multiple endings.

for $3 or more, you can support me in my game-making adventures & also receive a digital art collection that includes all art from the game along with design sketches!

collab keychains with furoshiki labo are also available HERE!



story/code/art by npckc
music by sdhizumi (soundtrack available here)
translation by 鬼怒川 (zh), kyleheren (ko), gudrun palomino & isabel fernández (es),  john madness (fr), marshmelieee (de)

special thanks to cloverfirefly & armin!


other things i've worked on can be found here! you can comment right here or on twitter with your thoughts. 

if you like my work and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee or check out my patreon!


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tomato-clinic-win.zip 33 MB
Version 1.05
tomatogame-1.05-linux.tar.bz2 25 MB
Version 1.05
tomato-clinic-osx.zip 27 MB
Version 1.05
TOMATO CLINIC - art collection.pdf 23 MB
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I love this game so much and it's story. And the art, and the character personalty's are amazing

That was adorable, I loved this!

this was so cute. gakuto my beloved <3 

also, the thing with proper sunscreen application made me laugh because i'm a VERY pale redhead and get sunburnt even when i apply like 3 layers of sunscreen :') so yeah, relatable

cute game!


I loved it so much it's really cute and just- comforting? The actives were fun and SPOILER: It's cool how much transgender content you post, it's really nice to see as a trans person hehe~ I will continue supporting your work (since all of it is so cool) and if I can I want to donate too! Thank you :)) 

this is such a sweet little game, i cant stop thinking about it :3


I loved it :D the accessibility settings and pronouns options aah <3


caught you in 4k trying to download this.

Yeah i don't blame ya, its cute. 

Have a good day/night, and enjoy the game.

this game is legit too cute,,, def reccommend playing


this game is so cute and sweet!! the art style and music was very cute and the whole game was really well made. i really liked both gakuto and marie, especially bc gakuto is trans and it had an option to say you were too! (im trans and theres not a lot of rep so even from a short game it was cool). another thing i really liked was the button being there for consent, it was a nice touch and an important thing to have! great game <3


I really liked this game. And it was fun that you as the character get to learn more about vampires, and that consent is important.

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Can you guys make a version with werewolves because that'd be dope and fun and cute like let's go around humanizing mythical creatures baybee woohoo


i can't, that's too wholesome~ pronounces, character customization.. i love this game!!


Good afternoon! Let us talk about the game: this game was cute, entertaining, and informative. I love it! As always, the games by npckc are just amazing! Give it a try, you, good reader, give this game a go and enjoy its beautiful story and, perhaps, after playing it, go watch me play it and react to it too!

Have a good day :D


This was great! Amazing job. I was thinking maybe you could make like, cutscenes or something for the blood donation part (I don't know the actual name, but I'm talking about when something important or really cool happens, instead of the background and the sprites there's just this big picture there)

I also think you could make a good sequel of this, maybe.

I think they're called CGs/computer graphics! Also I agree with you :3



This is probably my favorite visual novel I've ever played. It's so simple, with lovely endearing characters. I found myself relating to them both, Gakuto specifically (probably for spoiler-worthy reasons). The worldbuilding is fantastic, and the themes are great. I adored the character customization, and the art style is adorable. Thank you for this, Kc.


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Lovely and wholesome, just like the other reviewers have said. I too loved Gakuto, I'd love to spend more time in his company and hopefully show him that not all humans are bad. Thanks so much for writing this and making it free. :)


I had fun playing this game! It was really sweet and very interactive. I liked how you stressed out that consent is important and to not discriminate. The art style is very cute and I liked the quick customization at the start. Also, I love Gakuto and Marie's personalities. I admit that I got surprised a few times when Marie randomly popped up lol. Overall, thanks for making this game.


This was adorable! Also, the customization for your own character, including multiple skin tones and they/them pronouns, was really great. combined with the options for sound descriptions and picture descriptions it feels very inclusive.


i mean it is easy to be inclusive of pronouns when npckc themself uses they/she pronouns! (source: their pronoun roles in their discord server)


Lovely story and art, I enjoyed it <3 (Also Gakuto and Marie were wholesome but when Gakuto smiled i was really happy, it was cute :>)

Sooooo wholesome!

I really liked the customisation, it was really fun ! also Gakuto is so cute !! I think I've played your games before- its been long since I've played games like these. (I'm actually 11 years old, still continuing dokie dokie!)

Hope you make more games ! - Archii (me)

kawaii design and so friendly music theme make me feels so happy!! marie and gakuto is very cutee >w<

This was so cute!! Marie & Gakuto are both great but Gakuto's smile owns my heart.

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I think it's lovely, a cozy little story, I really liked the vampires.


something weird happens, I've downloaded it like 3 times now, and whenever I try to open it, the portable file (The game icon tha you are supposed to click in order to start the game) erases itself making me be unable to play!! Has it happened to someone else? please I really want to play :(

same to me, also i try in "A tavern for tea" and it didn't work, do you solve it?


i don't know how a game can be so adorably informative!! now i have a lot of info about vamps :D the art is so cute,, i love this so much!


Is there no Korean in the language?


This game is so fun & cute! I love that gakuto is trans, I really hope there's a part 2! //I'll  be drawing them soon <3//


Great game, like always !

Hum, I'm curious about how you proceed for translate it. I'm french, and already worked at professional translator when I lived in Berlin, so maybe I can help for the french version if you explain me how that's work ?
That's my way for thanskfull for all this games you made. So, if you l'r interested by, just reply me, ok?
In all case, thanks again.

hello, if you'd like to ask about translations, please email me at hello@npckc.site.


I love this game! I love how it relates to real life as well and also the representation. I love that it's subtle, just something we learn about the character as the story progresses. I did fanart of Gakuto (He's a fav character of mine now, but Marie is awesome too! I love her energy!) on my Instagram. I'll link it, hope you like it!


i love this, thank you for drawing it!

I'm glad you do, no problem! It was fun!

This game is great! It has a really unique ideas for vampires! Also, we stan the representation! ><

I really love the casual representation of trans folks. Like, its not that improtant to the story, and that's okay, because being trans doesnt have to be a defining thing, it can just be who they are. Amazing game, as per usual.


Finally played this! Um, I dressed the dummy in the sunhat and Gakuto said I put sunglasses on him?


that's a very odd bug... i'll look into it, thank you! (do you remember if you dressed the dummy in anything else, or only the sunhat?)


Long sleeve shirt, jeans, and I think the boots, not the wellies, but I'm not 100% on that last bit.


cool game, but i have one constructive criticism: that the only pronouns you could choose were he/him, she/her, and they/them. i would be glad if you could somehow program a feature where you can choose custom pronouns, or at least included it/its, xe/xem, and ze/hir


marie is perfect for a mother figure change my mind

anyways, game was pretty great! taught me a little something more about vampires than them turning into bats and wearing strange cloaks...

i loved it. i really do, and it isn't scary or at the very least unnerving(i made myself unnerved because of the answers i need to pick, but that's until i found out i can track back the log, haha.)

gokuto? he's a cool guy. i like him.

marie is on a whole different level though, i love everything about her. you'd expect someone that's a different species to act a little shy around humans, but marie isn't one like that. also, her allowing you to get the answers wrong and not get mad at you is also a nice trait about her(i mean it's meant to educational of course no one is going to get it right the first time dumb dumb)

npc, keep it up! I want to see more VNs from you. I am also one that played 2 girls make a game, and that was wholesome, top level wholesome, i mean it.

of course, don't overwork yourself. I would never want that. I'd say that your next line of VNs will continue to impress me(as a VN customer).

oh and if i got the pronouns wrong for the 2 of them by accident, apologies.

this was super sweet! i actually made an account just to positively rate it :]

It's probably a coincidence but these days I've been thinking of writing a story with vampires~ So this game came along at just the right time.

Plus the designs are cute and I liked the quizz. Keep up the good work !^^

It was so cute xx
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